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  • Jan 12

    Like me, you've probably been offered a reasonable number of these old by now … .. and if you're like most people, it is likely that it may have at least one or two. Seems we always made an appearance in just the right (or wrong) moment … could be the saturday and we just saw the garment of your dreams.

    That can be a pain, however, if this month's salary should not be for another week. You're undecided. Until, that is, they offer you … .. a store card.

    One of the horrible ironies about store cards is that the vast majority of people who sign up for that really had no intention of making a purchase before leaving the house. But if you're caught in the previous situation, the convenience factor frequently wins the day, right? Add on top of this all the good little shot as a sweetener … An introductory discount on goods? typically around 10% mark? free money during periods of sales, etc. .. But let me tell you not what the sales assistant probably … For starters, did you know that supermarkets now many will charge anything up to 30% interest in that little card they offer? (Yes, even those with beautiful images.) That's about twice the interest of standard credit card! Sound outrageous? Well, hang around … get much worse! a Those are just some of the pitfalls you should look out for the next time you offer a store card … Buy now, pay within the next three months. Sure … a lot if you do actually manage to pay within that time. If not, some stores charged interest from day one I bought! Ask questions: In a recent study found that one third of cases, information on the interest rate on the card (among other things) was not freely available. Do not be tempted to take out expensive insurance and often useless. This may be a monthly rate of 1.5%. With the payment of interest of 30%, could end up with an annual rate of 56%! Also, stay away from any system of payment protection insurance. If you lose your job or could not work due to illness or accident, you will find that this "safe" in general, only pay the minimum monthly payment, not all balance! Be on guard. Staff usually asked to fill out the application form at the store. If you are not convinced, visit Andrew Cuomo. In many cases, the insurance fund have already been marked and that you will simply sign up for insurance. Study the terms and conditions listed in the store. The staff has been known to customers refuse to wear the form. Probably the worst store cards is that it's easy to build a variety of them for that, before you know, it seems that more of them in your wallet there coat hangers in your closet. And in what seems a very short time … .. you just spend a lot, well beyond their means! If you feel you have to buy on credit, why not use a credit card with a low or even 0% rate? After all, if you have debts, which could well make the cheap! A store card might seem useful and convenient, but usually come with a horrendous hidden cost. The next time you are a temptation to take another piece of plastic, be sure to get all the facts up front. The balance of your bank could only thank him for it. Copyright 2004 by Colin e

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