The World and Modern Science

  • Oct 25

    Business travel – is to participate in topical seminars and business meetings (including workshops), field trips and special exhibitions, conferences, trainings, presentations, press conferences, professional trips to explore and share experiences. This type of tourism to denote an acronym mice (meeting – incentive – conference – event). Business travel has now become an integral part of modern business. In addition, successful Business is impossible without individual and corporate business travel. To encourage staff to create and maintain the corporate spirit, companies are using participation in incentive tours, trips, congresses, trainings, fairs and presentations. Whatever business trips brought the desired result and have been successful, you need comfort, quality of service, I thought the organization.

    Business tourism is very diverse. It includes individual and group business travel managers and staff, participate in activities organized by industrial and commercial corporations, participation in congresses, conferences and seminars organized by the political, economic, scientific, cultural, religious and other organizations, visiting trade fairs and trade fairs and participation in their work, the intensity – tourism. In most cases, the business part is combined with an extensive cross-cultural excursion program. Business tourism helps to get acquainted with new technologies to obtain the required information in a particular area, find investors, find partners, suppliers and consumer goods or services.

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