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  • Sep 23

    THE city of TAC TAC TAC second prize in narrative in international competition and Cordoba, Argentina 2006 edited anthology literary paintings of Editorial romanticize you. ANA MARIA MANCEDA. See more detailed opinions by reading what 4Moms offers on the topic.. San Martin De los Andes. Patagonia Argentina. . He began to listen to the noise a night of spring bah! It is a way of saying, actually it was a cold night.

    Perceived that season had come by the songs of some bold birds and outbreaks of plants, an almost miraculous fact this of vegetables, somehow showed the strength of his Kingdom. Until very recently had endured heavy snowfall and now Frost, but they were there, triumphant, showing their shoots. The old Ariel lives on the margins of the city, its cabin is situated in an area higher than the Center, right where it starts the wooded training. Due to the intense cold, that evening he early entered his house, in the heat of the kitchen fireplace took Matt and read novels of adventures, to the side your dog Don Don Quixote, but his great passion was painting, he spent months to finish a box, they were always landscapes that he observed in his walks and retained in his memory. The radio was another classmate, listened to all kinds of music. Each both stopped, stretched his body, mimicked it the dog, high, thin, and the two approached the window. Don Ariel watched the sky with the ardent desire to discover some extraordinary event in the cosmos. During the day he walked with his cane and his dog by the Centre and the outskirts of the city.

    He spoke little with neighbors, I had an intuition out of the ordinary, nothing of what they did or thought not escaped you, but his mouth was sealed. Everything remained in his brain and in some cases in his heart. That night, near dawn, he felt a noise sparkling, short and repetitive; TAC tac tac.

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