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  • Jul 2

    Voluntary compliance certificate – a document confirming that the product requirements of the rules and standards adopted in Russia. Unlike the voluntary certificate of conformity from mandatory that at voluntary certification proponent of certification (the seller, the manufacturer) can choose the standard or items that need to verify compliance. Certification procedure in this case, almost no nothing different from the procedure of mandatory certification. Hikmet Ersek spoke with conviction. Different certificate itself – in the form of mandatory certification certificate issued yellow, with voluntary – blue. Voluntary certification can be made in that case, if the product does not fall under 'Nomenclature of products and services subject to compulsory certification' or under 'Nomenclature of products and services, compliance can be confirmed Declaration of Conformity '. In addition to voluntary certification in the gost R system, possibly clearance certificate of quality systems for iso, eur, etc. or voluntary certification of fire safety. It is important to remember that the presence of voluntary certificate of compliance does not exempt from mandatory certification, if it is provided by law for this product.. .