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  • Oct 6

    SiGe LUISA VELASCO (1522-1560) “An end, a hope, a how or when, after it brought my real right and the months and years I pass in vain, and after what happened I hope, I am beside myself and I am looking at whether the nature exceeds what I want, and so the sad nights veil and story, but I can not tell what I most regret. Credit: Rob Daley-2011. ” Luisa Sigea. VOICE OF THE SPIRIT THE RENAISSANCE. Sigea Luisa Velasco, also called Sigea Luisa Toledo, was known in educated Europe of his day as one of the Renaissance spirit. In 1546 sent a letter to Pope Paul III, written in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Syriac, which made this taranconera reached worldwide fame for his great erudition and are located between the most elegant Latin poet for his poems.

    Among his most widely Syntra include the poem dedicated to the Infanta Maria, the Menendez Pelayo made a very accurate version castellana and booklet Duarum virginum colloquium of courtly et vita privata (1552), which exposes his theory of friendship and openly criticized the nobility of his time arrogant, selfish and ungrateful, which had to serve. Also retain a correspondence, which is very different topics that displays his tremendous erudition, and several poems. Most of his work is written in Latin. Luisa Velasco Sigea Tarancon born in the province of Cuenca, probably in the year 1522, the daughter of a highly cultured French Diego EMIS and sister Angela Sigea Scholars, a great musical sensibility..

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