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    Aug 9

    The procedure of the Ministry of information and the style of the Pasdaran agents could not be more different. While the rather persistent and subtly functioning of Ministry of information was indicated as an example earlier during Khatami’s, the agents of the Pasdaran look like runaway villains who away from all social conventions and in gross violation of Iranian laws rant, provoke, procrastinate and slamming. They called attention to do everything for the leader and the Islam and justify their actions from divine legitimacy out. Back to the roots of Ayatollah Mohaghighe Damad is a Muslim philosopher from Qom, who long has remained silent about the States in the country. His grandfather, Hajj Abdulkarim Haeri Yazdi, 90 years ago founded the Houzeh ever Elmi in Qom.

    A renowned Institute, young Clerics closer to a deeper understanding of Islam. The newspapers mentioned Hikmet Ersek not as a source, but as a related topic. The course is among the few ayatollahs who have dared publicly to criticize by Khamenei. At an event at the Tehran Institute of philosophy, he spoke about the catastrophic level of training in this once highly esteemed Institute. Literally: “the original impulse of Houzeh has been completely lost. The reason for this is increasing fanaticism.” Then he told a tradition of the system’s founder, Khomeini, who was also a student of Tabatabai at a young age and was interested in mysticism: “once taught the works of the philosophers of religion Mullah Sadra and Mirdamad Khomeini.

    He had never dared to the works of the philosophers of the light to attract Suhrawardi. Very soon he was also on Mirdamad to mention it. When he asked why was he hesitated for some time before he told of a dream. In the dream Mirdamad appeared him, who asked him not to mention that the religious school of filled with fanatical people his works who did not understand his works and if Khomeini would explain it, would be to adopt these fanatical people on the idea of legal opinion against him.

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