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    Dec 6

    When purchasing real estate, we often, in most cases are confronted with many questions, and they all are related to what to get a better real estate, in what area, what documents are needed for this, which difficulties await us in this and much more. And to make it easier for you this problem, create a directory property buyers. It is in these references a buyer you can find all necessary information for you, how and where You can buy property. This directory includes real estate sites, phone numbers and addresses of banks and their branches, providing loans to buyers, addresses and phone numbers of tax inspections, lawyers, lawyers, title newspapers that publish the announcement of the lease of real property, and how to execute the necessary documents with the purchase – sale of immovable property. Also in the references have information on the areas leased to the business – Centers, and handed over housing, information about the builder, and many other sorts of useful information. Real Estate Buyers' Guide is a very common type of information.

    These guides can be found and for foreign countries and cities for each individual. Construction companies also created a directory of home buyers, which lists all the selling, and asked to rent the available plots of land with suburban housing estates and cottages, with old and new developers, with phone numbers and addresses of local businesses – and commercial centers, with existing banks and their affiliates. Directory of city of also includes very useful information for city residents, with addresses of existing housing and communal services that do not bypass the local population and makes it easy to search. Thanks to the local government directory includes the names of all existing public and private newspapers, all existing data with the name of lawyers, notaries and lawyers of the city. This buying guide is a lot of information about all existing organizations of the City and the city itself. The handbook also includes an example of the procedure on real estate acquisition, which is much easier for you to pass it later. Since this procedure very tedious. Some buyers are just tired of all these bodies in search of paperwork to acquire.

    Those who already know and have experienced this not once, no problem, although even they sometimes there is little absurdities, as the city gradually developed and many of its public institutions are changing their location. The procedure for purchasing property consists of several stages. This is in first choice real estate, with the conclusion of the preliminary contract and the fee is approximately 1% to 5% of the total cost. Then he signed a contract purchase – sale and carried a surcharge of 10 – 15% of property value. And then passes pay tax on your purchased property. All this and much other useful information can be found in the directory of property buyers. Electronic directory is a chance to get an instant all necessary for both the consumer and for the user.

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