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  • Manage Yourself Responsibility

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    Sep 30

    ‘Maturity comes in the day when the individual becomes accountable for their actions. “Have you ever thought about why most of us never manage to achieve fulfillment of their wildest dreams? Of course, everyone on this issue has its own answer and its own reason. But, in my opinion, all these people are united by one thing in common. They prefer to act, guided by the advice of others. They are more convenient and comfortable, where they lead. Literally vsem.Na work we are waiting for when the boss tells us what to do in a store or a supermarket we sometimes there is an irresistible urge to buy exactly what is touted to screens tv, well, by investing their money, we certainly can not possibly do without the advice and counsel of people who consider themselves experts in finance, a kind of “financial guru” – Financial consultants, stock analysts, etc. Well, how else? This has always been and we are in this privykli.Pochemu does exist such a situation? The answer can be only one. As we have very highly developed insecure in their own abilities and fear of responsibility for their own decisions. In this case, it does not matter what this responsibility would not zaklyuchalas.Esche from childhood we are constantly being laid in the realization that adults are more intelligent than we are, and therefore only they should prompt the correct decision in any situation, at school unquestioned authority for us is a teacher in the army chiefs, and to work to a higher rukovodstvo.Vsya our previous life has taught us the fact that you can always find people who are more professionally versed in those issues where we need to take any action.

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