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    Sep 20

    The world of the gastronomy and, more concretely, the one of the wine producing culture of our country has gained positions in the last years. No longer it is reserved a few but every time it attracts a great number of people of all type of condition. Understanding its process of manufacture, the accomplishment of tastings, the enoturismo or the vinoterapia are at your service of the day. This appraised drink – for that the Greeks attributed to Dionisios the category of God and also they did it to the Romans with Bacus-, is considered like one of the best elixirs of the life. Doubtless, the wine is part of the history of Spain, that counts on important warehouses and Denominations of Origin of resisted solution distributed by all the Spanish geography.

    Examples of it are the denominations of La Rioja, Shore of the Duero, Peneds, Somontano and, of course, the Malvasa of the Canary Islands, culture introduced at the beginning of century XVI in the north of Tenerife and the Palm, from where it was exported to good part of Europe, mainly, to England that, later, it took its colonies and whose origin of the grape is Greek, although it persists certain controversy about its exact initial situation, since the word malvasa is of Italian origin. Many of these varieties them we can already find in restaurants worldwide, reaching a great recognition and quality. TARGETS, PINK AND RED It is necessary to know to certain essential norms to hour MARIDAJES the height of the gastronomy has caused that the wine acquires sum importance in the restaurants and centers of leisure. It is for that reason that the majority of establishments owns an important letter of broths and, some count on the figure of sumiller, that advises and chooses the wines that marry better with plates than it offers each premises.

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