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    Mar 13

    He approached them slowly, with apprehension. They asked him something, but she did not understand what was told, so it made them a gesture of incomprehension, letting them know that he knew their language. Do they returned to ask her, but this time in English-language spoken, Miss?.– English, – replied with a smile of satisfaction, to see that I had found someone with whom to communicate in their language. -Don’t be afraid. Almost all of the danger has passed. Here it is safe – very politely told the officer. -That is what has happened?-asked anxiously.

    -It has been a terrorist attack. Do they placed two bombs in two wings of the hotel and this wing stormed it with thickness gauge-guns – a terrorist attack?- and there have been dead? Please, tell me how I can do to find my husband? He fell just at the moment that it all started this. -Yes, Madam, unfortunately there have been many dead and wounded. We do not yet know how many. With respect to where you can be her husband, could not it be say. At the moment we are sending to the hospital any person who, like you, is approaching this place. You want to give me your data please. We have to write it down in the list.-told the officer.

    And-or don’t want to go to the hospital. I want to find my husband-answered Tati. I won’t move from here until you find it. Only ask you to help me to find it, please. Beg you–probably he has already been brought to the hospital. Not so long ago that we have managed to clear the area of armed terrorists and begin to cater to tourists. If as you say, he was lowered, it is quite likely that is already in the hospital.-you answered kindly. Do- and how I can do to find out?-Tati asked anxiously.

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