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    Mar 9

    A few days ago decided to update the appliances in the kitchen. The choice fell on the famous German manufacturer – Miele appliances has long been a benchmark of style. Prosharil Internet and thought about the choice of cooking surface. Gas option immediately dropped, since in his own house is not there. Conventional burners are outdated, and plates are provided with them soon inheritance grandmothers. The choice to make between the usual glass-ceramic and induction hob.

    In both cases, the more pluses, but as there are always minor disadvantages that hinder the approximation of the final decision. Additional information is available at Nordstrom. Miele induction hob works, based on principles known to us from school. Electromagnetic induction makes heat namely the bottom of the dish, which can be represented something like a transformer. The main drawback of this principle work is the price and the need to purchase a special type of pottery. However appliances Miele is able to bear out minus a plus! Eliminates the need for special dishes include unscheduled plates, heating automatically stops if you remove the pan, or all the water boils away. The main thing that the surface of the plate remains almost cold, heated only on the dishes.

    The catalog Miele has some interesting footage, confirming the exceptional safety of the German household appliances. Near the boiling pot full of water are ice cubes, or what not issuing work burner. The glass panel Miele works by any standard burner. The heating element is hidden deep in the glass-ceramics on the layer of asbestos. Glass-ceramic has an amazing property, heat within distributed strictly according to the vertical, this allows heat only marked on the surface of the burner zone. To increase the rate of heating manufacturers usually embed a powerful lamp, which for seconds heats the surface and runs until the exit in the main operating mode of the heating element. For those who doubt the selection or wish to combine advantages of both solutions on the market are combined models. For example, a ceramic panel Miele km 5920 is equipped with a pair of burners HiLight and two induction. I looked for a couple of models, but first want to look at the exhibition of household appliances, which will be held 13-16 April in Crocus Expo. We must look at all the live and hear testimonials from those who used the technique of different companies, so as not to miscalculate the brand.

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