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    Mar 28

    The number of workstations – 10. During the specialists work in ICE operation was launched on nearly all standard functional solutions '1 C: Office of Trafficking in 8 ', trained personnel to work with the program. The established system is well approached by the specifics of the Russian division of the holding and allow: Effectively manage the procurement of purchasing managers have an opportunity to analyze consumer demand and preferences of specific customers on the basis of analytical data from previous periods. This allows the company to conduct procurement activities in accordance with the needs of the market and customers to the most accurate planning, optimal use of storage resources. Manage sales of its convenient interface of the sales managers were able to quickly access the necessary data about the state of order, availability of goods, deciphering the names of the goods. The system allows you to quickly create all the necessary documents, depending on the scheme work with a specific counterparty (credit system, the prepaid special conditions, etc.) and supervise the execution of orders at all stages.

    Company management was able to track the actual execution of sales plans, analyze the work of managers. Use '1 C: Control Trafficking in 8 'to ensure control over the quality of the sales managers and positively influenced the growth of sales – actual sales for the first months of the 2-fold higher than the target level. Number of contracts with customers since the opening of a 20% higher than the expected result.

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