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  • Contingent Theory

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    Sep 1

    Two of the most important elements that make up the general conditions are technology and the environment (and Weihrich Koontz, 2004), whose exchange with the organization’s internal factors makes this take certain forms of structure and behavior to adapt the external environment. Evans shows us that another of the fundamental principles difference to other approaches contingency theory is its tendency not to establish an ideal type of organization for all circumstances. In this regard, (Davila, 2001, p 225) argues that “the contingent or situational approach argues that the organizational structure and administrative system depend on or are contingent on environmental factors, organization, task and technology . From the above means that the external aspects of the organization act as independent variables modes of internal organization of the company, which are dependent variables of the first. For even more opinions, read materials from Governor Cuomo. This relationship, however, is not established as a cause-effect type, but as a decision-making leaders of the organization on the choice of the most effective alternative to external circumstances definitely Contingency Theory states that there is a functional relationship between environmental conditions and appropriate management techniques for effectively achieving the objectives of the organization. In this functional relationship, the environmental variables are considered independent variables as management techniques are used as dependent variables.

    Jose Ramirez also gives us that the contingency theory stresses the efficiency of administrative actions undertaken in a situation and fails in a certain way of standardization. So necessarily the technology, size and environment are essential factors in a contingency plan because a minimal difference in the verification of the initial pattern brand companies the right choice of technology in their products and processes and this stems in turn gives the organization structure through differences and technology categories, so it is possible to ensure the proper administration of resources by avoiding waste since otherwise their survival would be at risk for which greatly influences the environment conclusion The contingency approach spans, there is no single best way to organize and manage that is applicable to all companies, but everything depends on the conditions of the environment where they operate. Hence the importance that management determine the effects of the external causes and influences the structure of the company so be prepared to promote actions to be taken into account for its operation.

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