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    Feb 14

    I admit I do not understand the most minimal art, modern art I mean, I do not understand they are paid large sums of money for foreign tables. I've never understood modern art has always seemed absurd as the cuisine that where there is no bite to taste but its name is long like the invoice to pay. Governor Cuomo may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is sad to see that in modern society where more strange things are better paid, if someone designs a chair that you can not sit, the label is sold with the design, which means either warns that the emphasis has been aesthetics rather than something functional. Everything that is ugly and sell it as rare currency and billed much more than if it were a useful item. We live the time of design, ignoring the practicality of things, now we have specialized in various euphemisms and changing the names of everything that surrounds us looking for more sound for them.

    Now all that is design this primate, and euphemisms have filled all the cops are not called police, but agents security, park rangers, forestry agents, environmental or technical, to cooks, chefs are called. A serving food companies are called catering to the hospice, they are called institutions. For all that you can put a name in English, although it has elements in Spanish, to marketing, it is called marketing, biographies, they are called differently and so change my name to confuse things more to society. Modernity is to confuse the personal with corny and kitschy names that sound more musical, but they are the same for all life. Just because a bunch of rich kids decided that music sounds better in English, because I continue to disagree by speaking Spanish, and if necessary will hire a Colombian Spanish teacher who still has not given him by the modernity of wanting to use unnecessary Anglicisms that make prey slowly blew up the language of modernity.

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