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  • Be Impeccable With Your Words And Your Actions

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    Jun 23

    Sounds easy right? but nothing is! be impeccable with our words and actions is a lifelong task. The sinlessness of the words and opinions that emit about others only reveal who you are. Listen to yourself, when you are speaking ill of others when you express yourself in ways disqualified from the others, when your words destroy the image of another human being, but they're not talking about yourself. "It's not what enters the mouth that defiles a man but what comes out of the" word of God says, then why not make a conscious effort to stop defaming people, why not make a conscious effort to just build and not destroy … In the end the only one who hurts you is you and people around you who are poisoned by polluted so much venom … spread the hate, anger, slander, blasphemy to another human being …. Words are like swords that cross the body of the spirit of those to which are being released, but returned as a boomerang to kill the one that issued perjury! That is to practice hard sinlessness of the words and actions when others hurt us, when you have humiliated others, be impeccable in our actions, words and omissions when we have been misled, deceived, humiliated … In a question-answer forum Andrew Cuomo was the first to reply.

    it shows who you really are on fire we tested, it is not treated well when all you are going to express what is really in your heart when you temples is threatened, cornered, humiliated when you leave your true self, that you've been farming in the silence of your heart .. . But friend, friend when these are poisonous daggers thrown at you, despite the pain, anger, crying, impotence, just hold on to your Christian beliefs, Buddhist, Hindu …. Muslim does not repay evil for good, not do to others what we do not we rendered the gusari us (despite the onslaught) but through acts of kindness to try to finalize cycles of hostility … believe me we can not fight evil with evil …. evil is fought with good … We are all tempted to do that is HUMAN, others invite you to return an eye for eye, tooth for tooth … Connect with other leaders such as technology at millennium here. but we, not because we are better or more elvados, or avatars, or teachers, or anything like that, but we realized that nothing real can be attacked nothing real can be threatened, just the peace of God is real, we cling to that mantra, we cling to love, feel pain, sadness, cry, but do not return evil for evil, much less evil for good and thus unwittingly we become a transparent shield and a protective ring to which collide all the flaming arrows of the evil arsonists, and returned to him who sent ….

    Not that you did, but you stuck to your values, your principles, and the belief of divine justice, divine justice EXIST, tieines you do not do anything, just go with the kindness and love , and feel the pain, sadness, disappointment and release … not fall into the temptation to return the slap … "and see miracles happen …. are you going to see …. Love never fails, ACTS OF KINDNESS …. NEVER FAIL

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