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    Apr 27

    You are here, then you want to quit smoking. This is important. This is the foundation. If there is no desire, no desire, then all that would have offered, did not advise or recommend will not work. And the first thing you need to learn and remember. You are here, then you are ready to evaluate my experience is right for you or not, but therefore, willing to try, as they say, himself, is what I am willing to teach you. In fact, just what happened, to what people spend a lot of time and do not always get what they want.

    Namely – you and I understand each other. Understood, and agreed on the main point: Are you ready to learn, I'm willing to share. Excellent. Getting Started. Comprehend nature. The great sages, those whom the Western world does not know, and those whose names and teachings made their way through the Western arrogance, argued that all human suffering engendered by his wishes.

    You can argue with that, but we can agree, and based on this axiom, try to understand the nature of our desires, and thus in fact suffering, ie, bad habits. Any prospector you confirm the fact that knowing the nature of the problem – its nature, you can always find a way to solve it, to overcome, to remove from your life. So where did this habit – smoking, where and under what circumstances, she was born? His first cigarette I smoked in eight years, it was a cigarette, which I secretly pulled out from the pack of her uncle, the elder brother of his father, and it was cigarettes, "News." My father did not smoke, so to speak on the role of father in my becoming, as a smoker can not.

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