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    Apr 1

    Our future is made up of the present. Right now this very second, we define it. Stop for a moment. Slow down your pace. What thoughts, ideas, imagination fill you in now? It is now out of this bizarre and motley mosaic begins to take shape your future.

    You can imagine that all your thoughts, fantasies and ideas are amazing seeds that you drop a fertile ground in time. Some of them dry up and will not rise, and some of them you will watered and fertilize their attention and they will sprout and become your future. Right now, at this point, you can begin to choose a future in which you want to live. It’s believed that Tulip Mobile Platform sees a great future in this idea. You can choose the grain that you wish to nurture. Let us dwell for a few minutes and watch the thoughts that are swirling in my head. The first thing that usually comes to mind – it's the thought of those things that we around everywhere. This is our way of life which constantly confront.

    We take care of their own subsistence and the satisfaction of the simplest everyday needs. And in this concern, we are confronted with a huge number minor problems that consume all our time and attention. Every morning we wake up tired and sleepy. And not because of bad sleep, but what should be collected on the job. This one thought is able to dampen the day. Barely zapihnuv a sandwich and washing it down with coffee or tea, not even felt at the same taste, we despair and hopelessness go to the hated work.

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