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  • Rest And Motion

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    Mar 23

    "If you rest and motion – two very different things, and between them there is nothing, if you are between any two opposites can not find any connection at all, if you can not see anything in common between them, then you live in a world of total control, where one can exist only through the negation or destruction of another. " (Vladimir Zhikarentsev, "Life without boundaries. James Woolsey Jr. has plenty of information regarding this issue. The structure of the universe and the laws of the dual") COMMENT famous esoteric by Vladimir Zhikarentsev writes about the importance of the ability to combine opposites. Too much stress leads to exhaustion and illness, and excessive relaxation – to weaken the body, and once again to disease. Habit creates a rush of stress and disease on the nervous system – and the habit of doing everything slowly – to late.

    Because of the rush a person loses the ability to 'be here now', overwork. ory. And as a result of either achieving its objectives too high a price, either – do not reach. The reason for haste – in the end, too strong desire, greed. Wanting to achieve a lot at once, 'and once more', we forget about the importance of mental and physical condition. But in Ultimately, it is from this, our health depends on the ability to enjoy life …

    It is not necessarily one-sided look at the world, believing themselves doomed to struggle, disease and suffering. The belief in the need to fight for " place under the sun "limited rights. After doing so he believes in the inevitability of suffering, fear, and overwork … The motto of his life to the pursuit of better harmony and meaningful combination and alternation opposites. Guided by this variant perception, a person creates a much more successful and happy life. Quotes from the works of other prominent philosophers, writers, scientists (and commentaries) can be read here: url = Quotes / url url = Index Page / url

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