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    Oct 17

    The figures for glass recycling in Spain gradually improve, but every year, but we are still far from reaching the recycling figures already achieved in other countries such as Belgium and Switzerland. In 2008 the law required to achieve 60% recycling of glass, a material that can be reused completely and organically. To achieve this, basic collaboration of all: institutions, industries, and consumers. Many of these consumers believe that the glass containers give the product containing an aesthetic touch and elegance. But 49% still do not recycle the glass that comes into their hands. And it follows the loss of many environmental benefits. For 2008: recycle 60% According Ecovidrio, consumers have placed in containers last year 576 968 tonnes of glass, 63,666 tonnes more than in 2005.

    In this sense, every consumer recycled in 2006 an average of 12.9 kilos of glass, about a kilo and a half more than the previous year. Also placed in glass containers , Recovered 263,163 tonnes of glass packaging waste from other sources (packaging plants, selection, etc..) Recycled a total of 840 131 tons in 2006. The recycling rate in 2006 in Spain was 51%, instead of shares as countries such as Belgium and Switzerland, more than 90% recycled glass. However, despite the increase year after year the figures for recycling of glass, still greater efforts are needed by all stakeholders, both consumers and government and industry. In this sense, the Packaging Directive in Spain in 2008 mark the glass recycling rate will have to reach 60%. Among the root causes of why not get better figures is the lack of interest by people who find it easier to ignore the importance of recycling glass, which incorporate new habits into their daily lives, in short, need more awareness, facilities for the recycling of glass and incentives to do so. 25 years glass recycling in Spain The glass recycling system in 2007 celebrates its 25th anniversary. The glass industry in 1982 put the first container in the Madrid district of Moratalaz and Eugenia de Montijo, who collected 3575 tonnes that year. In this quarter century have been recycled about 3,000 million glass bottles, and those first 132 containers have become 136 686 in 2006, distributed throughout the country.

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