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  • The Importance Of Website Directories

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    Oct 20

    Many ignore the directories and do not address your site included in them because they consider it important, or perhaps because they are unaware that through these sites can benefit your site. Today the search engines of major search engines have evolved and been improved over time with very complex programs, while the directory, you could say that they are behind in this dispute, if the term be . The website directories, unlike search engines, consisting of lists of websites that have been indexed by people, whereas search engines, Google, for example, use your bot to crawl the sites and indexes websites and files PDF, PS, XLS, DOC and others. For this reason is the editor of a directory he usually decides whether or not a website, after an analysis which determines whether it meets the quality requirements and that the board has a policy for inclusion of web sites. This process can be understood that the sites website included in the lists are at least a certain quality, something interesting addition is useful for those who turn to them for “real information.” But not only the specific issue of information is the attractive part of the directories, as these are widely used by webmasters to another function is now essential for the positioning of a site, know that in positioning the subject of links has become very important very important and is an issue that no one misses or ignores. And just that your site is present in the directories will provide “back links”, or quality links.

    Search engines will give it more importance to these links when compare or rate your site over other sites with similar content or similar. Doing so is also to marketing. Therefore you should include your site in directories as being aware that more links will achieve better positioning your site in major search engine results and most visited by users such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Lycos and others. If you know you must obtain inbound links to your site, not the same link coming from any site, since directories, links from the latter, are considered quality links and are the thing to really serve Please note: you must be careful that your site is built in line with existing standards, since some directories are also using the label called “no follow” and that means that the directory does not back the quality and suggests that not follow the link from that site. Finally: Whether your webmaster, or whoever, you should try to include your site, at least in the most famous and visited directories and thus benefit doubly, first you will be very useful for positioning and partly because you’ll also receive traffic from these places, and traffic is the life of a website.

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