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    Jul 19

    Replace “Sun IdM” – quickly, cost-effectively and with added value! CIO’s numerous companies recently right several times painfully learned that the great name of an IT company is not automatically the warranty for one as long as possible lifespan of the software product, that they bought. Hardly was announced in summer 2009 that SUN Microsystems is to be taken over by Oracle, SUN customers began existing SUN IdM installations about the future of their investments in their fear. With right! After the takeover, and many months of uncertainty fixed with the presentation of the Oracle Product Roadmap 2010: this is the beginning from the end of the SUN IdM. Oracle declares its identity Manager (OIM) as a core product in this area and plans to deliver only the most relevant SUN IdM updates and 2014 completely discontinue the support for the Sun product. The dilemma in which the SUN – and also the HP, NOVELL and VoLCKER – since then are customers: You have considerable resources in the licensing, implementation and software maintenance put the solution must now start from scratch. You see truncated by the technological development of their solution, the support is set in sooner or later. Affected IAM customers are powerless, the development of the provider market while so they have the power of choice of choosing a solution that best meets their needs and expectations now, on the other hand (if not exceeding) and this fair licensing, migration and operation costs.

    The most promising strategy is safe if it is also painful – clear cut and look forward. IAM customers jackpots from a positive side the involuntary off their solution, they now take the opportunity to throw their old technology overboard and inexpensive to replace the next generation through an innovative solution. Because the fact is also that preceded the development since the introduction of the mentioned IAM products in large increments. The iSM Institute for System-Management GmbH has as a manufacturer of IAM solution bi-cube developed a migration procedure, which allows relatively expenses – and no additional cost of other tools such as the Sun Identity Manager on bi-cube to migrate. The standardized approach (migration) model enables a smooth transition and means at the same time upgrade of the functionality of the implemented solution. Read our detailed white paper (www.secu-sys.

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