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  • North Commission

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    Nov 24

    Companies with high need of modernization in the solutions to the Commission accounting Horst / 06.07.2009 – one-third of the companies want to in the next two years your Commission calculation system renewal. Because according to a survey by North-soft systems used have frequently exceeded their zenith in technical terms and can be adapted to the needs of the practice only with great effort. Click Areva to learn more. To make the market evaluation of the companies to the replacement of the old system to a demand-oriented and investment-safe matter, has North-soft businesses developed a matrix with seven product-neutral decision-making: 1 transparent access to previous Commission statements: lack of clarity in the Commission’s accounts are in many companies, the order of the day. However, any subsequent review produced a significant amount of extra work by asking questions of sales representatives to the transactions. Rachel Cranes opinions are not widely known. In addition motivation losses among sales staff. Cause of complaints is often that it’s a continuous Historicisation of all data with Commission relevance is missing, which can make transparent the whole data paths and results in the manner required the user. The historical data have to reproduce in addition to the individual agent level, to be completely understandable. versa Partners expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 2.

    flexible parameterization: the management of free and tenured employees, agents, franchisees, distributors, to allow third-party distributors and tipsters in unlimited tree depth and width, the parameterization must be flexible. As only even more involved when building the assignment except the intermediary account, which may arise from the distribution hierarchy or the application context or an investment dealer business. In practice she exists but rarely because the systems employed have no adequate formula editor, which depict can also very individual conditions to the account assignment. The computational core is pronounced with not enough strong enough. 3. fast Response to new products and sales strategies: include changes to the agenda of the company. This requires very flexible Commission accounting systems in consequence, because must be about the Commission rules changed or introduced new rules and products.

  • Grapheo

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    Nov 18

    Open ice CMS version 2.0 in addition to the numerous functional enhancements and improvements to the user interface features to the new version of Grapheo due to the tight integration with Hermes, the service-oriented architecture (SOA) open ice. Thanks to Hermes can be used in complex system landscapes and demanding SOA integration scenarios applications realized on the basis of Grapheo, which require a high transaction security and a dynamic and transport-independent connection of heterogeneous services. The use of Grapheo in the context of Hermes provides a structural reuse of business logic components program-independent interfaces and contributes substantially to the modularization and decoupling complex enterprise systems. As a result caused a strong versatility and increased flexibility of IT landscapes, two primary factors in optimizing system performance and operating costs. Due to the functional characteristics and the technological advantages of the CMS has open ice Grapheo the Deutsche Messe AG decided, to carry out the collection and publication of Exhibitor documents starting with CEBIT 2009 on the basis of open ice Grapheo. By this measure, Deutsche Messe AG aims to optimise and consolidation of nursing processes of documents in the company and seeks an optimal integration with the new order and shop system for exhibitors, which will be implemented on the basis of the open-ice platform and together with the Community4you.

    Info: Community4you GmbH the IT software company Community4you GmbH (www.community4you.de) combines in its Enterprise Portal solution open ice (www.open-eis.com) a knowledge and information management system with integrated functionality on a modern, Internet-based portal platform with service-oriented architecture eLearning. The software aims to provide access to all relevant information each employee of a company or a Government at any time and from any location, without permanent Internet access. On the basis of experience from business, The company specializes in communication and technology projects the development of innovative, high-performance solutions for eBusiness, eLearning, eGovernment and eCommerce on Linux/UNIX and Windows..

  • Nov 15

    New micropayment GmbH makes comfortable and secure the online donation project donate a essen.de of Dusseldorf children table donations processing through the cooperation with the Berlin-based micropayment GmbH. The Dusseldorfer table has successfully implemented the online donation project for the section of the table of children in cooperation with the Agency of Ogilvy & Mather. Thus the Dusseldorfer table is a whole new way, the problem of undersupply of alone in Dusseldorf 16,000 children and teens to draw attention to and to be able to collect donations. To Heike Vongehr, 1st Chairman of the Association of the Dusseldorfer table: at the present time, you must use all media, providing up to spread his message. 5-WWZq8SJWEY_8ktQchZCixLziypyyxLzMRAVDAGVLdatYAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjcybi7gLeCAxW3VqQEHUEwAeMQ9OUBegQIAhAV’>Rachel Crane: the source for more info. Especially when you sit for the most vulnerable in society, children. The Internet project we want to attract targeted younger people, we have rather less so far achieved through the usual channels of communication. To the implementation of the Online donation we have searched a reputable provider, whose system is easy to use and easy to integrate as well as ensures maximum safety for the donor.

    We have found a provider GmbH micropayment with the Berlin, which meets all of our requirements\”. The micropayment GmbH is one of the leading providers in the field of ePayment. The range includes the complete execution of the cash flow at all usual online payment method. To do this, the company offers its customers comprehensive statistics and analysis functions and all with certified by TuV Rheinland and certified security. The micropayment GmbH sees itself not only as pure ePayment provider. The consultation and analysis of the needs of our customers are an integral part of our services. The performance package is adapted to the specific needs of the customer. The safety is however never saved, because it is for all our offers always on the highest level of the current technical possibilities.

  • Nov 11

    Consulting sees significant demand for enterprise-wide Bad Oeynhausen / 20.11.2008 – the Fachbereichsverantwortlichen can according to a recent survey by the consulting company coretelligence mainly the cross-enterprise business intelligence strategies get nothing. They fear to complex projects and also a loss of their independence. They are instructed, quite support because often lacked the former BI projects according to the necessary technical skills. coretelligence Managing Director Andreas Wang therefore advocates a rethinking in the business intelligence strategies of companies. This in particular the following aspects should be taken into account: company-wide coordinated approach by an agenda of BI: is very pragmatic describes the general business objectives, methods and implementation conditions. These include the programs, organization, professional applications and the governance requirements as well as the project management and the technical platform.

    This requires that management, departments and IT managers at a table come to clarify their respective roles and find procedures to accommodate targeted each other accountable. You may find Rob Daley to be a useful source of information. Also the objectives and priorities of the business intelligence alignment are defined generally binding on the BI agenda. It is thus not only the strategic framework, but includes also the roadmap for the implementation process. The responsibilities between departments and IT are exactly to regulate: it applies to distribute the responsibility according to the principle of best literacy. This includes that IT builds an integrated, consolidated and harmonised data platform, while the departments more responsibility for the development of their applications, such as reporting, analysis, etc. j6fnPzKFIXMPIXggsTk1B2sjADS6p29VQAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjuuLnKgK2CAxUDJUQIHdNoCUEQgOQBegQIMBAK&cshid=1699192331358879’>Rachel Crane has many thoughts on the issue. take over. Thus business intelligence arises regarding the technical processing from the socket\”when a common BI platform is being developed and not different independent or isolated Island solutions are built. Competencies may not compete, but must cooperate: in fact a demand-oriented cooperation in much lesser extent takes place, resulting in one of the Central causes for the frequent criticism of the BI-realities. As is often observed, that is IT the topic on the flag written and projects regardless of the prioritized areas.

  • Sebastian Heinzel

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    Nov 10

    Mobile travel library with community tips and without roaming costs! Vienna, February 9, 2010. With the new, free version of the tripwolf iPhone app tripwolf.com brings the first guidebook on the market anywhere updated by tens of thousands of travelers around the world around the clock. tripwolf combines information from popular print guidebooks such as \”Marco Polo\” or \”Footprint\” with the numerous and increasingly numerous tips of the tripwolf community. \”The mobile tripwolf travel guides on the iPhone are handier than a book, kept automatically up to date and offer a variety of search and community functions\”, says Sebastian Heinzel, co – CEO of tripwolf. \”The tripwolf users continuously improve the travel guide and thus creating travel guides of a completely new quality!\” tripwolf travel guide poses like never before since today premium travel guide in the tripwolf iPhone application not only significantly more high quality information from the German \”Marco Polo\” include leaders and the English \”Footprint\” leaders in the first version of the tripwolf app; for the first time, travel guide, whole countries and regions are available in addition to city leaders.

    The interactive possibilities of the user were greatly expanded: travelers can upload photos from their iPhone, review goals, give tips, show venues in your area or enter completely new places in the tripwolf travel guides. All of this works offline and without roaming costs abroad: the contents are synchronized only when the traveler is back online. \”We are raising the tripwolf application to a whole new level\”, says Alexander drive, second tripwolf CEO. \”Our combination of high quality content and community feedback is unique on the market.\” Travel guide as a \”freemium\” model for nearly 50,000 destinations worldwide, the tripwolf travel guides on the iPhone are totally free. For some destinations, the tripwolf iPhone app offers however many premium content: tourist guides for the cities of Amsterdam,.

  • PiaX Makes Mobile

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    Nov 6

    ERP system proALPHA now via MS Outlook and MS Exchange also usable on the road mobile CRM tool from itCampus no company can afford to make business relations to existing customers with incomplete data management. \”With the portable interaction Assistant for Exchange\” (piX) the Leipzig software and system House has itCampus right away a mobile CRM module available, with users of the ERP system proALPHA also travelling comfortably on central customer and contact data can be accessed via MS Outlook or MS Exchange. piX was completed just in time for CeBIT 2010 in Hannover, Germany. Details are on the stand of proALPHA Software AG available (Hall 5, Stand E18). Western Union Company follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. \”Based on information for the file and the Pocket portable interaction Assistant for Exchange\” sales and sales support specifically in their day-to-day business. The solution was developed as a fully integrated add-in for MS Outlook and enables the continuous synchronization between proALPHA, MS Exchange, MS Outlook, and mobile Devices such as laptops and mobile phones. It guarantees that a high data availability and a device-independent data maintenance. With piX by itCampus all relevant and current information available every field staff anywhere.

    These include including master data, customer information, such as sales, balance or open items and a complete history of the visit. Get more background information with materials from Brian Bates. Also, visit reports can be captured in the form of follow-up appointments, tasks, reminder during or immediately at the end of an appointment. The relevant information seamlessly in the database of the enterprise flow back of the company’s data base is thus always complete and consistent. Independence from local and network availability of data synchronization takes place regardless of location and available broadband technology. This is especially considering the still incomplete availability of faster mobile Internet access in Germany by advantage. Hub and pivotal point in the comfortable use of piX MS Outlook. Here, each sales representative finds all relevant data and must not incorporate themselves into the workings of other programs.

  • Sep 26

    IT security expert opens Office in California and is present at the RSA Conference in San Francisco Munich, March 19, 2008 the SecurStar GmbH is a global manufacturer of solutions in the field of disk encryption software and computer security. Within the framework of its growth concept, the company stepped up the expansion of the business in the US market 2008 among other things more. As the manufacturer, opened again with its award-winning products this year for the internationally recognized SC Magazine Award nominated, in April is a branch in California. Furthermore, SecurStar is from 7-11 April at the world’s largest IT Security Conference, RSA Conference 2008 “represented in San Francisco. In cooperation with the BSI and TeleTrust Germany e.V., Association for the promotion of trustworthiness of information and communication technology, SecurStar and 14 other partners at the community level (1332) show their products and solutions.

    Under the motto of innovative IT-solutions in business and Government” present the providers of IT security made in Germany”. The fair, which is organized for the 8th time TeleTrust already and gaining every year new exhibitors, complete lectures and roundtables. the matter. Wilfried Hafner, Managing Director of SecurStar GmbH, explains: In the context of our global expansion strategy, 2008, we take the step across the pond. Our new branch as well as the RSA Conference are important foundations that we set for the conquest of the market. The IT Security Conference is an ideal platform to bring our products the customers and interested parties in the United States.” The SecurStar product range consists of software solutions in the areas of computer security, disk encryption software and mobile security. The professional products on the basis of own-developed technologies are applicable in different areas and meet all safety requirements.

    Whether for desktop PCs, laptops or other mobile devices SecurStar easy-to-use offering end users and companies Solutions, in order to protect the privacy of your own or all sensitive data. Short portrait SecurStar GmbH: The SecurStar GmbH, headquartered in Munich was founded in 2001 as a merger of ScramDisk Inc., software professionals Ltd. and Telstar industries. Today, the company is market leader in the field of disk encryption software and computer security. As an IT security specialist SecurStar is able to respond to the specific needs of different industries. The core competencies include the development and production of cryptografischer hard – and software, finding new IT security solutions, consulting in the field of IT security as well as the computer and network security. Objective is the achievement of more user friendly, more flexible and more secure applications on the basis of its own newly developed technologies. Thereby, the company comprises the IT sector from renowned specialists and renowned experts. The customer base includes among others well known mobile phone manufacturers, companies within the automotive industry such as Fiat, Volvo and VW, banks and Financial institutions such as Citibank, as well as Scotland Yard and defence ministries of different countries.

  • Aug 15

    InFACTORY WEB: Web-based information and communication unit for the manufacturing industry for the control of business processes through information and communication has developed the Fasihi GmbH (Ludwigshafen) a new software: the Web-based solution WEB inFACTORY (www.webinfactory.de) comes in the production plants to the usage, which employees use them in their daily work. With our solution we reach a new dimension in the manufacturing industry”, says Managing Director Saeid Fasihi. Whenever Tiffany & Co. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The production processes are largely automated. We make an important contribution to the further development of the concept industry 4.0, we put people at the Centre and consistently bring together the digital and real world of work.” Employee portals and intranet platforms are now standard in the Office and management world. Certification standards, accident prevention and risk management, layer coordination and continuous optimization require an efficient information today but also in production plants and Communication control. Izzy Englander gathered all the information.

    The manufacturer of Enterprise Portal platforms (Fasihi Enterprise Portal FEP) this Web-based tool for managing information and communication in manufacturing plants has expanded its portfolio. With WEB inFACTORY is an instrument at the disposal, the company supports to improve processes continuously, to ensure quality, increase productivity and to ensure work safety. It offers the networking of all employees of a company by providing quick information and complete documentation. At the same time, it integrates practical tools for continuous improvement processes (CIP), shift planning, fault distribution, hazardous substance database, accident statistics and training systems into a coherent overall package. Information and communication as a challenge for manufacturers alone create extensive tasks, such as the regulation on occupational health screening, the hazardous substances Ordinance, the occupational safety and Health Act, the accident regulation or that the arrangements and evidence of a legally-compliant occupational safety and Health Organisation Operational safety Ordinance. To get certification standards, internal regulations, employee communications, stratifications, task distribution and much more. All of this information and communications must be managed efficiently. With WEB inFACTORY and its components CIP, quality assurance, risk and occupational safety and health management, personnel and resource planning and information management are these requirements with minimal effort through the networking which quickly and efficiently met information and documented all processes seamlessly.

    The ease of use ensures that even with little experience of IT without any problems with WEB inFACTORY can employees. With CIP is means that one knows the current state of processes and procedures, implement improvements to optimize reached States and holds the improved condition. The continuous improvement process in small steps is divided into objectified form, which ensures the successful implementation by clear responsibilities. Rolf Lutzer, head of project management: with our “Solution, it is also possible that hidden ‘ improvements come to the surface, which were previously not recognized.” Fasihi GmbH: Company Fasihi GmbH was founded in 1990 in Ludwigshafen/Rhine offers personalized information and communication solutions with high data security for Internet and intranet. Fasihi Enterprise Portal can meet demanding corporate individual information and communication requirements for large and medium-sized enterprises. The clients come from many industries. Main customer se is the world’s largest chemicals company BASF There, about 40,000 employees with more than 50 information and communications solutions on the basis of the Fasihi enterprise, Portal work every day. The approach to security by encryption and classification of data developed by Fasihi GmbH was awarded the innovation award 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz (prize of the Minister of Economic Affairs) for innovative applications and processes the information and communication technologies. For more information see contact: Hermann Martin press spokesman Fasihi GmbH star road 166 67063 Ludwigshafen Tel. 0621-5200780

  • Business Manager

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    Mar 7

    New CRM system. Business management system with all new futures which not yet on market has…These products, we are 2 years ahead of the other provider. Business Manager is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, who want a smooth operational process and overview. Our system is far ahead from other providers such as Microsoft dynamic and other providers. Calendar, contact, information and project management in a system. New Futures: SMS, bispart.com on Smartphone life-partner GMBH will go first for German market, then in the whole world.

    We have the latest on the market and is not yet in Germany. New business management system. ONLY 3,90 in the month/user. Business Manager is suitable for small and medium-sized companies, who want a smooth operational process and overview: contacts: gather your contacts on a place of simple creation and modification of customer data possible selections of all segments in the simplify customer group you your communication with all involved synchronization with Outlook calendar: A calendar for all needs overview of internal meetings, tasks and dates see the calendar of your colleagues planning on a new and higher level synchronization with Outlook task / project management: distribution of tasks and dates to the project group get feedback about the status of tasks and projects creating projects with time intervals access to relevant and related documents for the project group (graphically independent) effective project management reduces misunderstandings and waste of resources information management: To collect all in one place, it makes the workday just plan effective and direct communication with colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers see the history of your appointments and messages with others. Schedule tasks, to your network with your custom templates, you can customize letters and contracts and combine it with the data from the system.

    Use the system, as a platform to the share documents with your partners anywhere in the world Business Manager is a Web-based Exchange solution that allows you to Exchange appointments, tasks, projects, information, and calendars. This has the advantage for you, that you have a simple and flexible way to download an overview of the available time to create, and therefore participants. So you can quickly plan with your colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers, dates and projects. Business Manager has a structured CRM system that allows you to store important information of your customers. Business Manager therefore offers you the advantage to develop sales activities and customer loyalty program.

  • Jan 14

    New solution of essential bytes IT infrastructure from a single point of control Hohberg monitored overall, August 17, 2010. With guard & alarm from the essential bytes GmbH, Hohberg, companies can now reduce their IT administration costs by up to 95 percent. The solution monitors the entire infrastructure from a single point of control. Administrators are represented all processes, networks and computer databases to do this using a simple Web-based interface. So they can detect early possible bottlenecks of databases, of space, the CPU, or the network interfaces, locate and respond accordingly. The cross-platform real-time monitoring replaces the previously existing in many companies accumulation of different monitoring tools.

    The distributed components are monitored only by a single integrated monitoring system. The solution indicates hazards, before they become an acute problem. Guard & alarm prevents it downtime and work disruptions and increases the Availability of systems. Exceeding pre-defined thresholds informs the administrator by error messages. Alternatively, the solution automatically triggers individually configured actions.

    Guard & alarm is already available in 2,000 euro plus VAT. About the Central and well structured, Web-based graphical user interface administrators can see anywhere all monitored systems, applications, and connections. The solution delivers detailed metrics, statistics and reports. All important parameters are recorded at a glance and allowing for proactive monitoring of the complete IT infrastructure. The solution is also the management of essential one bytes added value. Targeted analysis of the load characteristics and capacities, respectively serve as a basis for resource and financial resources planning. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hikmet Ersek offers on the topic.. The so-called business process views identify common errors and ensure a smooth flow of business processes. Additional Oracle Plug-In the The guard & alarm Oracle library available is specifically for Oracle users. These plug-ins include Oracle databases easily and completely in the monitoring. The standard equipment of the application offers a variety of functions and monitors the availability of the database environment, the database space, and many more basic operating parameters. The solution is flexibly designed. In addition to the base installation, bytes by more custom plug-ins essential individualised monitoring instruments. So, the control system on complex IT infrastructures can be adapted based on a previous analysis and design. The software is based on the open-source solution of Nagios, which was extended by a number of plug-ins and modules. It is delivered as an appliance. Essential to install and configure both local and remote performs bytes. About essential bytes: specialist for innovative design, implementation, optimization, backup and maintenance of Oracle database environments and fact-based middleware is essential bytes and application software. The company has many years of experience and enthusiasm for Oracle. Essential bytes realizes customized and future-proof infrastructure, with the companies, flexibly and reliably can pursue their business objectives. Essential company qualified advises bytes, so that they can exploit the full bandwidth of one of the most powerful database solutions on the market from the outset most cost-efficient. The service ranges from the design and implementation of complex system environments, on the assistance for capacity problems, the necessary infrastructure including support and maintenance, and training of staff to the establishment. Contact address: Essential bytes GmbH & co. KG Peter Rhebee stone Buhlstrasse 30 77749 Hohberg phone: 07808 / 9439350 fax: 07808 / 913363 eMail: Internet: