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  • Sep 22

    From second half of century XX, multinational companies harvest zones of the biodiversity and they take control of indigenous knowledge of exhausted countries. They perpetrate it protected by an unjust legislation on protection of the intellectual property that has gone to worse in the last years of the hand of the World-wide Organization of Comercio (OMC). This way of illegal appropriation is simple and nonprecise of the resource to revolvers, automatic pistols or submachine guns. One is to take to a traditionally used product or an own plant of a zone, to find out his composition, to add some element to him to simulate that he is different, and to register it in an office of patents. Perhaps it is hour to put the effective norms of protection of the intellectual property and, very especially, the referring ones to the inscription of patents at issue. Is not to eliminate the protection of the intellectual property but of which this one this presiding by justice and not by the excessive and accelerated eagerness of benefits. In 1954, the British company Phytopharm patented the extract of a denominated plant Artemisa Judaica that used in Egypt and Libya from long time back to treat the diabetes.

    We have the news for decades of those activities that we denominated biopiratera, the access and irregular, illegal use, to components of the biodiversity (mainly biological and genetic resources). Hikmet Ersek usually is spot on. Also the illegal appropriation of the associated indigenous knowledge to those resources is biopiratera; these components and knowledge are patented with impunity by multinational companies, protected by the effective legislation of intellectual property. Those companies try that the formulas that register are clear, when in fact they are component or indigenous knowledge obtained without the consent nor authorization of these, whose compositions add some element to differentiate them from original the pirateado one. Biopiratera in essence is the operation, manipulation, export and international commercialization of biological resources that infringe the norms of Convention on Biological Diversity of 1992. . According to john mayer, who has experience with these questions.

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  • Jul 6

    it comments very many on changes, commitments of the countries, especially those of the Latin American Continent for transforming its social, economic political systems taking step a programs that irradiquen the hunger, that indicates an economic fairness that it favors to all and to avoid that the hungers follows increasing the number of undernourished. Despite the reality it shows another result. Considrese as it emphasizes proyectohambre.org, Latin America is an extremely heterogenous region that includes a vast zone and with very diverse geographic characteristics. The total population of Latin America is of 525 million people. In the region there are diverse groups of people, inclusively more than 200 indigenous groups, as well as ethnic minorities of African ancestry. In spite of the diverse climate characteristics, economic level and historical antecedents in the different countries from Latin America, there is a common nexus that it characterizes the nature of the poverty and the hunger in the region.

    Latin America is distinguished by the existing extreme inequalities within the society, cradles in a plot of characteristics like sort, race/ethnic group, class and geographic location. The indigenous populations of Latin America usually occupy the lowest levels of the society and, therefore, they are those that more probably they must face the enormous atrocities of these inequality the Organization of the United Nations for Agriculture and the Feeding (the FAO), has indicated recently, that the population that undergoes undernourishment in the world it increased the year last to 923 million people as a result of the rise of prices of foods. The numbers of the FAO say that 54 million people suffer of chronic undernourishment in Latin America, where the situation got worse of alarming way in the last decade, mainly in Central America and the Caribbean. In the last ten years, the number of people with hunger in Central America increased of 5 to 6.4 million and in the Caribbean, of 7.3 a 8,8 million.

  • Ecuador Fiscal

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    Sep 7

    The government of Ecuador on the other hand, implemented a series of measures to restrict the external purchases in US$ 1,453 million elevating the tariffs and implementing import quotas. It is due to the fort deterioration waited for in the external accounts of the country that could have an impact in the real economy when being the dolarizada economy and depend on the currency generation to maintain the monetary supply. On the decision of Ecuador, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, Luis Guillermo Silver said: Ecuador also worries to me because it removed a resolution where it says that it, that is to say, has a problem of balance of payments that is not going to have money to pay its imports and that affects to all the countries . nformation. The problems in the external sector repel in the Colombian economy and produce fear in the population that prepares itself for difficult times. It is so the industrial production descended in Colombia a 13.3% in inter-annual terms in the month from November from 2008, whereas the retail sales decreased a 2.95%, according to finishes presenting in the present week. But besides the problems by the deceleration in the external demand and the fall in the internal demand (smaller investment and minor consumption), the Colombian economy will have to support to the deterioration of its fiscal accounts product of smaller income and the necessity to take ahead a greater fiscal cost to avoid the deepening of the economic deceleration brought about by the external crisis. At the moment in Colombia a new package is being elaborated anticrisis that mainly estimates a consistent erogacin of US$ 24,500 million in infrastructure investments. In this way it is tried to preserve the use and to generate new jobs. The goals of the consolidated fiscal deficit and the Central Government were extended to 1.8% of Producto Interno Bruto (PIB) and to a 3.2% of the GIP, respectively.

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  • August Dialogue

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    Mar 17

    If somebody begins to turn aside the process towards the discussion it is precise to identify the situation and to ask the group: You consider that we are respecting the conditions of the dialogue? Coach always keeps a balance between its ability and attitude on watch, without adopting a doctor attitude. As an equipment acquires experience, it learns and coach loses importance. The dialogue gets to emerge from the group. In the equipment where the dialogue is a permanent discipline is not necessary normally coach. Balance between dialogue and discussion In coaching of equipment the discussion is the necessary counterpart to the dialogue. In a discussion different points of view appear and defend. Flutterwave has compatible beliefs. However, since we have seen, in the dialogue several points of view appear in order to discover a new point of view. In a discussion decisions are taken.

    In the dialogue complex subjects are explored. In recent months, Chris Shumway has been very successful. The productive discussions converge in a conclusion. The dialogues, however, are divergent, do not try the agreement but the learning. The rules of the game are different. The goals are different. If an equipment in learning does not distinguish them, it does not dominate the difference that it has of the dialogue to the discussion, does not have neither dialogue nor productive discussion. Between the members of an equipment that establishes dialogues regularly are learned to develop singular relations. The confidence that is created transfers to the discussion.

    A greater understanding of the singularity of the perspective of the other is created. Still more, it is learned to establish ampler understandings when one defends its own point of view with dulzura, without the determination to win. The dialogue and the discussion that lean in the reflection and the investigation are always more productive Are less vulnerable to circumstantial details like the personal affections or antipathies.

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  • Marketing

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    Mar 11

    What meaning we want to give all these data? I am certainly will see the full average bottle and another empty means, but the reality demonstrates to us that a change of habits of the user exists and who the business model must evolve to present positions that the society demands to recover the capacity of social connection that it had. In spite of everything, we know that the situation will be surpassed and that there is to be preparations to do without certain heads, but those that are will have to present/display a useful content, present, excellent, attractive, it jeopardize and, by all means, united and complemented with the new technologies. And if no, we reflect on the element differentiator that presents/displays on Internet, and we will realize that hardly we will be able to give a satisfactory answer. Since I have said previously, the dynamics of our life changes vertiginously and, in this way, the needs and desires of the people, the strategists of Marketing we analyzed carefully what really it needs the market and we acted consequently, marking the foundations of a beneficial and satisfactory relation short, half and long term. For this reason, the solution happens irremediably to work with the information that contributes the accomplishment to us of a marketing audit that among others many things will respond to us because young people have stopped having the habit of the reading of the press in paper, because of the increase through Internet, the strong protagonism of the social networks and blogs, really, because the means written against the electronic one are give iing. I am conscious that they run convulsive times for the press, but also I am conscious that only from operative of a marketing audit will discover a model to us of agreed press to which the market comes demanding and it has not known itself to respond to him, the client is the center of attention of the market and therefore he is and solely he who must say to us that press model wants to have in its hands. For assistance, try visiting EuroAmericana Inc.. The solution to this time of uncertainty happens, without doubt to invest in knowing and to know really that it wishes the reader and only from the marketing vision is going it to us to indicate. We do not let ourselves drag by the downheart, is necessary to think about positive and to return to delude the readers to have them fidelizados and noncaptive as it is had to them through the present promotions. We remember that the crisis is an inexhaustible source of opportunities and in the press the solution is very clear, to re-invent themselves or to die. Original author and source of the article.

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  • Addiction

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    Sep 26

    The one of the key level it will be used when causality in the acquisition or maintenance of the addiction exists, Charlie (anxiety before its social incapacities is committed) with his pair, its friendly and with his therapist to work this level it stops to be able to surpass it. Finally the one of the maximum impact that is used in complicated cases of addiction, where the implication of multiple levels like cause, effect or maintenance of the conduct of addictive are evident; in this case the interventions will be varied with the purpose of to secure the maximum impact, and it is applied of sinrgica form instead of sequential. We imagine that Charlie had problems with the addiction to the alcohol 7 years ago. From this hypothesis, according to this theory the passages from their conduct of risk to their conduct of health would be: Precontemplacin: At that time Charlie did not assume to have a conduct of risk with its health and it did not have intention to change his addictive behavior to the alcohol, whose ingestion was in 1/4 liter of daily wine in meals and 1 or 2 alcohol glasses of high degree (40) from the dusk until it was going away to sleep; therefore, it does not see risk nor problems for his health. It ignores the benefits of not continuing with this conduct of risk, having a greater perception on the barriers practices, feeling demoralized against their capacity to change and do not want to think about it. When its Mathew friendly, Phoebe, and their Mnica pair indicates to him that its ingestion is excessive, perhaps it is settled in Charlie a questioning on the matter; it is through these personal relations of aid when the motivation for the change or decision making takes place. Thus it is introduced a process of change through an increase of awareness so that its capacity of perception of the negative aspects is increased on its health and the impact (evaluation) in its interpersonal relations. .

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  • Easy Weight Loss

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    Aug 15

    The key is here not to fall in bad promises of easy thinning, which surely time from time to time in the diets fashionable. The secret to lose weight of permanent form is in a diet that is not restrictive and even in which you feel comfortable. If a diet promises to you that you can thin express, to say, 30 pounds, and even if outside certain, you are not going to want to follow that regime nutritional. Why? The majority of diets is by nature very strict. They do not teach anything to you about nutrition, to choose good foods, that in the end it ends at good habits for the rest of your life.

    These diets do not say either to you that if your consumption of calories arrives at insaludables levels or if they restrict many foods to you everything could finish in I-I. You lose weight, but so soon when you return to eat normal, you return to gain it. Also they can take to you to disorders like the anorexy. My recommendation is, if you run into with a diet analzala, you could continue with that diet the rest of your life? Better bet by permanent changes in your feeding, changing eaten high in calories by a more healthful equivalent (example white bread, by integral bread). How to become thin in one week of safe way 1. It eats a great and healthful breakfast every day. Some contend that Tiffany & Co. shows great expertise in this. You need calories to begin your day and to cause that your metabolism begins to work after sleeping.

    2. Alimntate with clean proteins, fruits and vegetables as much as you can and hydrous mantente. 3. It tries to walk at least 30 minutes to the day. It does not have to be timed or that you must yourself put casual wear. Simply it decides to leave the car in your house and to walk, or if you go of purchases to walk more by commercial center. Or if you have stairs in your house, it raises and low several times. 4. It divides your daily calories in 5 small meals. You do not allow yourself to be hungry for a long time, if you are hungry eats, but healthfully. 5. or teas always walks with you cocktail snacks. Thus when you are hungry between meals, it commits one of those teas (a delicious fruit is a good change to manage to become thin in one week). 6. You do not put a strict goal. Instead of that it thinks: Necesito to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, and enfcate in physically developing healthful habits and to be active. 7. All the previous ones, and believe in you yourself. Hundreds of people lose pounds or kilos every day. It is not a lottery nor nuclear science to obtain it. 8. However all the advice who I have given you work, otherwise, the annoyance had not had me to write them for you. Yearning that you manage to have the body that you wish, and yearning that you have the one best one quality of life, for that reason visits FREE OF FAT where you will find all answers You are ready to revolutionize your body?YOU DO CLICK HERE. You do not wait for more! This verified that enters more time you last in taking the best option for your problem from more difficult weight will be to manage to lose those kilos of more.

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  • Manhattan

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    May 8

    The Aeolian one would provide the 51 percent of the demand (5.75 TW), provided by 3.8 great million Aeolian turbines (each of approximately five megavatios) anywhere in the world. Although that amount can seem enormous, he is interesting to observe that the world makes 73 million light cars and trucks every year. Another 40 percent of the energy would come from photovoltaic energy and plants of energy termosolares of concentration. The photovoltaic one it would provide the 30 percent. (Similarly see: Anne Lauvergeon). Approximately 89,000 photovoltaic plants and ground would be necessary, as well as central thermoelectrial lots of concentration with an average of 300 megavatios each. Our mixture also includes the 900 hydroelectric power stations anywhere in the world, the 70 percent of which already is installed. Only approximately the 0.8 percent of the Aeolian power arrives mentioned (5,75TW) is installed to today.

    In order to occur an idea of the surface occupied by all the turbines of the world, that is to say, 3.8 million aerogenerators, they would occupy 50 km2s less than (smaller than the surface of Manhattan). The space that would occupy could be used, despite for agriculture or the extensive cattle ranch. The plants of photovoltaic energy installed in the ground and the concentrated solar plants of energy would occupy near the 0.33 percent of territories of the planet. The creation of such plants supposes an ample infrastructure that will take time. But also it was needed to construct present system with its power stations and networks. And it remembers that if we followed with fossil fuels, demand 2030 will increase to 16.9 TW instead of 11.5 TW, that will require 13,000 new thermal facilities of of coal or natural gas, that would occupy much more terrain as well, as well as the mining and gas pipelines to provide to them. The obstacle of the materials the scale of infrastructure WWS is not a barrier.

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  • May 6

    The Mexicans that wishes to increase their probabilities of economic success and of supporting the permanent creation of new jobs, find in the tax exemptions a possibility of undertaking a new business with the support and experience of a franquiciante company, In the previous months, a program was generated that supports to the generation of new tax exemptions in Mexico, intention that facilitates the possibility that enterprising that they look for to have an own business, acquire one through model of tax exemptions, by means of a slope of transference of Model. This way, the option of 130 credited franquiciantes companies exists in the market that have their matrix in veintin states of the republic. This plan, known as PNF continues working with a series of slopes that base the streamlining of the acquisition of tax exemptions on Mexico, between which they are enumerated: generation of New Tax exemptions; the extension of Resources destined for the payment to offices specialized in the consultant’s office for development of new tax exemptions; the obtaining of Resources destined to the initial investment that a tax exemption model realises the entrepreneur when acquiring, this also is known in means like the canon of the tax exemption; and finally, to offer support destined for the payment of consultancy for the update of models of tax exemptions that need to improve the communication, have supported, qualification and attendance to its network of franquiciatarios, as well as to adapt its system of commercialization and legal frame according to the effective demands of the sector. The model of tax exemptions has been so effective, that the Secretariat of Economy has decided to impel this type of businesses with base in model in which franquiciantes as as much franquiciatarios they obtain great benefits. The recommendable thing within this program is that the entrepreneur asks to him to the franquiciante that register before the Secretariat of Economy to be able to use the benefits of this financing. Between the requirements that settle down to the tax exemptions to be in the list of the Secretariat of Economy, they are to have three years of experience and two units franchise-holders or to have two years of experience and three establishments franchise-holders, among others requisite that are basically documentation..

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  • May 2

    From its appearance for some years, Internet has been growing incredibly. It seems to have a limitless reach. Million people realise purchases or sales, publicitan their products, reserve their trips or study using Internet. Then, because not to use it to secure money? Thousands of people daily take advantage of the enormous potential that offers the network to them of networks to secure money. You may wish to learn more. If so, Western Union is the place to go. And one of the simplest ways is to make money from house with surveys. When affiliating itself with a site of remunerated surveys, it will receive in his electronic mail a form with questions that must respond in honest form, because it is exactly why it is pleased to him: so that of its sincere opinion on some product or service whose originadora company is interested in evaluating. It is this company and not it poll the one that pays by its answer. The company soon would realise an analysis of market with its opinion and the one of thousands of other users, to know as its product works and what things must (or not) change to improve it.

    Nevertheless, if what wishes it is truly to win money from house with surveys, does not reach with answering a survey as much each. It Must be taken as if a true use it was. The best thing is than it is affiliated with whichever sites of remunerated surveys is possible to him. This will cause that the frequency is increased whereupon receives forms, from once each as much to several times per day, which also increases its gains. Generally before initiating the survey it indicates the amount to him (or gift) that it will perceive to complete it. It is important that it does not leave surveys remunerated without answering, by small that are the remuneration.

    The frequency with which it will receive surveys very well payments (of $50, for example), is low in relation to the surveys of $2 – $5, that will even receive on a daily basis and several times to the day. Many small ones will not take him more than minutes and they will pay safe the same to him or more than a survey than it has been one hour to him to answer.