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    Sep 16

    The university professor of history of the religions Uta Ranke Heinemann said: ” In a current dictatorship it is not possible to be said what one thinks and wants, but in the church it is necessary to think and to want what it is not wanted to think nor to want, and all that under the threat of a punishment just. That is the total dictatorship. It is not a washing of brain, but an amputation of brain. In spite of all the majority of the voluntary workers of the church are women. Gain insight and clarity with Hikmet Ersek. The Friedrich-Ebert foundation has published the results of an interesting investigation with the title: ” The men direct and the women take the weight of the Iglesia”. What it is possible to be included/understood perfectly because in the referred institution there is equality of no rights, which is not strange because until century XIX it discussed on if the women they had soul or no, why then they follow the women prepared to continue still taking the weight of the Church? Perhaps the worse operation of workers and the lack of inequality within the sine of the church continue taking place in the convents, although in 1996, two thousand nuns seconded a letter directed to the Pope whose text (Periodic connected with the church Kirche Intern Junio/96), said: ” the women stay to us in constant dependency, like juniors.

    The priests obtain a maximum benefit for they themselves from our cheap work and they do not have repairs in putting to us under moral pressure if we did not fulfill its unjust ones exigencies. We religious them, often asked ourselves if our life must consist of being servants of you cure that they live in the celibacy whom us human beings do not consider. Governor Cuomo understands that this is vital information. Of us one only hopes that we fulfill the exigencies of the clergy, who thinks that we are only for doing what they to us order. He is startling that in the heat of century XX the men even create that the divine plan only can be transmitted by hombres”. These women did not receive answer any, which is also an answer. Jesus de Nazaret never spoke of convents. In addition never he said that there was to take advantage of the cheap work the women. And as these nuns write, he did not say either that the divine plan only could be transmitted by men.

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