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  • Neutrogena DSL With Plug & Surf

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    Dec 8

    Setting up DSL at congstar is a breeze with the auto configuration server developed by fun communications. No manual and no support are necessary – just for everyone. Cologne, Karlsruhe, March 22, 2010. man to learn more. To know more about this subject visit Publishers Clearing House. With its product “congstar completely” the congstar GmbH offers a complete ADSL, its customers consisting of a telephone connection and a broadband Internet connection. To make their high-quality communication product for the consumer even more attractive, the fun opts for communications GmbH congstar when developing an automatic DSL installation expertise. The DSL connection is with the auto configuration server implemented by fun communications within a few minutes easy set up and configure. Read manual and software installation a thing of the past. Checking article sources yields Keith Yamashita as a relevant resource throughout. Plug & surf are consumers as well as reduction of support costs at the Internet service provider at the heart of the solution by fun communications.

    In addition to the configuration of the server offers also a guaranteed reliability, scalability, and easy Providing firmware updates. The server uses the technical standard “TR-069” the DSL Forum to the configuration and the secure communications between the DSL router and the auto configuration server via SOAP Web services. fun communications developed over 15 years successfully complete solutions for Internet service providers, which adapt perfectly to the needs of customers and can be quickly and easily incorporated into the existing customer-self-care environment. More information at and

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