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  • Mar 3

    Prepaid surf sticks in the shadow of the flat rates – what are the advantages are they but? In the early days of the mobile phone market, a model called the “Prepaid” came up. This created virtually through rechargeable prepaid tariff model, which have included a fixed cost base and are in principle not a bank account. In Germany, the models were very popular, because you could buy a phone as his children. You had to worry because of high costs, because you just bought a credit balance on a card and filled on this, if it was used up. Parents enjoyed the idea of course that their children in an emergency could call sometimes. The prepaid rate was therefore a kind of permission for the mobile acquisition of minors. This model but nothing more has in common with today’s surf sticks. Minors need no surf sticks, home anzurfen, if there is a problem.

    There must be other reasons. Some statements: rare or irregular use: some people need really no Internet on the stick of surf and so a prepaid surf stick is a very useful thing. It pays even money and thus has no ongoing or regular costs. Should you even need Internet access, you can surf just 24 hours for a reasonable price. In the month, pay the flat rate customers relatively practical compared to fixed costs by at least 20 euros. Cost airbag: Prepaid tariffs can also be used, that also in case of a use such as the flat rate (so every day several hours for example) no huge fees are due. The providers make the tariff so that but in a month, the total no longer cost a certain number of days of use. It is then easily above the flat rate prices, has much more flexibility.

    No binding treaty: Who knows what’s in 24 months? Who is not happy in the long run binds, because Yes, all kinds of things can happen in the future, which is certainly with a prepaid stick better served. If you move after Nigeria then can be the Prepaidstick just at home in the drawer and also in 2 years to use again, when it comes back. Flat rate contracts should you continue to pay – without that, you can take advantage of his offer at all. So, you can see that even in times where the prepaid model seems really outdated, still many reasons for the choice of such tariff talk. All silencing of most developing countries, where prepaid is the absolute market leader this has but more to do with the forms of payment and risks of customers, as with direct properties of the products. John Jansen

  • Jan 3

    Rally Master Pro known mobile games magazines like Pocketgamer (10/10), mobile game FAQS (94%) and Airgamer (91%) nominated for the best rally game rally Master Pro for mobile phones. Pocketgamer gave the top grade this since so far only two other mobile games. In addition, is rally Master Pro the only 3D game, as well as the only racing game ever has been rated at Pocketgamer 10 out of 10 points. These awards, as well as the top positions at numerous network operators confirm FISHLABS quality on the highly competitive market of mobile games to enforce. In rally Master Pro, it goes into three classes on asphalt, gravel, sand or snow on the slopes. The weather, track – and -dependent damage physics gives an individual and real driving experience and is growing demands on the players especially on uneven surfaces. With full throttle over 27 varied and richly detailed extreme courses in Sun, rain and snow are a real challenge.

    Can with the unique, interactive replay with numerous The last stage studied vehicle and TV cameras and individual sequences are fast-forward and rewind. The 3D provides an overview of the State of the car, the repair options can be used as a mini game between the stages again to prepare the vehicle for the next test. The success at the Games Convention was right about the mobile games with a console feel FISHLABS”the Hamburg-based company could inspire new audiences such as PC and console gamers, with high demands on graphics and real driving physics, for their mobile games. “A high praise and the deserved recognition for the development team of rally Master Pro are the Platinum award on Pocketgamer and numerous awards”, so our policy to develop the a long playing time and a great fun mobile games of exceptional quality guarantee Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH., FISHLABS will highlight and has made the company to what it is: a leading developer and publisher of premium mobile games.” About FISHLABS, FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg is world’s leading developer and publisher of high-quality 3D mobile games. Founded in 2004, FISHLABS employs a team of 30 now, and is responsible for the development of more than 15 high-profile game productions. The FISHLABS Games portfolio includes multiple excellent productions, such as, for example, Galaxy on fire, DEEP or blades & magic as well as license productions of well-known brands, such as V-rally 3D, Star Wars Imperial ACE 3D, Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam and top current Gladiator. The self-developed 3D-Spiele-Engine ABYSS for Java and BREW phones supports about 250 different devices and sets new standards in terms of compatibility and performance.

    FISHLABS 3D mobile games are worldwide over more than 160 renowned network operators such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Orange, 3, Telefonica, Cingular, Sprint or Verizon as well as directly through. In addition, FISHLABS, one of the few suppliers that portal sells its entire portfolio via the Sony Ericsson fun & downloads is. In October 2007, FISHLABS has completed its first round of financing with Neuhaus partners which enables the company to add the mobile games in the future more community properties. Since July 2008, the company myFISHLABS offers the mobile games community where the users features such as price advantages, simpler payment, additional features, credit can use kick-back, upgrades, and the Exchange with other community members about the favorite games. For more information about FISHLABS at. Press contact of swordfish pr GAMES Ilka Tollner Hutch first breed 17 81675 Munchen phone: 089 600 316 41 fax: 089 600 316 50 E-Mail:

  • Apr 4

    Are prepaid tariffs cheaper as contract? According to the prices of the prepaid tariffs through the variety of currently existing prepaid provider always continue to decline, the question whether it is even cheaper to put a prepaid card instead of a mobile phone contract is now? With any new technology, there are very high costs. Zero cost control for the most part and horrendous sums are paid for services. Some are ready with many others but as these costs to take over first, are aware of the costs and know that you only have to wait until there is more competition in the market, and they are opposing. Meaning: the prices will fall for the Otto ordinary consumer. Patience is a very important virtue sometimes and can pay off.

    I still remember that the Internet at that time was measured directly and be charged per respective performance, flat rates you could only dream of at the time. And yet, after a few years the competition was so great, that you had the choice between many different providers. Until today. And there will be more! Prepaid fares the next level is now so far that even prepaid provider may be the cheaper option. Cheap prepaid tariffs, whether in the UMTS field or on the simple mobile phone customers are been spoiled and want to pay only this, what exactly is used. This is fair and can be verified quickly without any problems. One hundred percent control without extra paragraphs, which are taken into account in contracts and can be often very watery.

    Prepaid rates are usually the smarter choice. Aside from the comfort and understanding. So the motto: compare, compare and compare again! If you are a few minutes time, so those minutes will pay off. And who does not, who will get angry very in the near future.

  • Aug 12

    This Conference is up on any connection fees free for the caller, for participants with a so-called fixed-flat, the Conference is completely free. Still, the meetgreen service characterized by a comfortable email invitation tool and a Conference statistics. The latter, an overview of the participants is the Conference Organizer after the teleconference by email and use the service number also show the amount of donations. You have it black on white, to have done something good for the environment. We wanted to make the advantage for the environment even more apparent with meetgreen”, more so Mandy Koebnik and pleased with the response. meetgreen is the introduction to a greener communication for small businesses, clubs and professionals.

    We see that we can be interested in more and more decision makers for this topic.” Of course we appreciate the current donations amounting to 1,500 for b.a.u.m. confirmed that the increase of telephone minutes, and I’m sure that we meetgreen with even more in the near future reach.” To meetyoo conferencing GmbH which is meetyoo conferencing GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin as a conferencing service provider for past 11 years successfully for their customers engaged and offers on global circuits by Web and phone conferences, and webcasts. The strength of the company lies in a product portfolio that includes the most frequently used segments of the Conference. The customers benefit from individual solutions from a single source. The range covers project management by meetyoo from the virtual conference room at the flat rate comfortable and customized packages to the individual event supervision including. As Germany’s first and so far only conferencing service provider quality management has introduced meetyoo specially EN ISO 9001:2008 according to DIN for the scope of conferencing. For more information, see. About B.A.U.M.

    e.V. The German Arbeitskreis fur Umweltbewusstes management e.V. (B.A.U.M.); 1984 founded, is the Hamburger business Europe’s first environmental initiative Business and network for sustainable development. Since its inception, over 500 companies of all sizes and industries to b.a.u.m. teamed up. By b.a.u.m. aims to companies, to raise awareness among communities and organizations for the needs of environmental protection, as well as the vision of sustainable development and to support sustainable economies in the implementation of an environmentally effective, economically sensible and socially just. Among the most important awards for b.a.u.m. b.a.u.m.-Board members include the German environmental award (highest and most important award of its kind in the Federal Republic) and inducted into the Global 500 roll of honour of the United Nations. As a politically neutral institution is b.a.u.m.

  • Aug 4

    SMS AllNet flat rates in Germany always used the SMS, which is the quick message to anyone. No long emails, no phone calls, which is SMS typed in seconds, sent out, with a little luck a reply is coming also. This short, straightforward communication instrument is enjoying increasing popularity. Young people no longer do today without the deft short messages from the phone, and sometimes the back – and forth text may take time really. Who then are not careful, could experience a nasty surprise at the next mobile Bill. But this must not be, mobile Flatrate or SMS flat rate make it possible, that can be arbitrarily long phone and texting without the that it is expensive. SMS flat rates to all domestic networks there are 10 euros.

    Since sending quite many short messages may make again really fun, and the budget bills can’t get the seams because of high mobile. Also the domestic anger remains past such low offers with the parents. Is more expensive of course the mobile flat rate to all networks, in addition to SMS including the telephone calls in the German fixed line networks and all German mobile phone networks. In the case of diesnur pays for all who like to much on the phone and want to tap SMS without seeing to the cent. Compared with a mobile account for all individual calls and short messages a client who like to write and phone comes with also one such flat-rate, which is currently starting from 35 Euro, very well off. Calculated on the year many hundred euros that can be saved with the flat rates can do this.

    The 35 Euro offer is in addition to a prepaid plan. This, you’ll pay for call minutes, reaching 9 cents per min. SMS in all German networks but income 35 euros a month, then the costs 35 Euro will be capped, although you keep calling and texting can.