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  • Oct 31

    Now spezialiseren we us to historical bricks. Numerous references for the use of the old bricks are now online. Press to the relaunch of Spolia.de – historical building materials. What are historical materials? Historical building materials are materials that come from demolition of buildings, and run to a second use. This must the old bricks are lifted carefully, so that they will not be destroyed. This requires a great deal of sensitivity and long experience. The benighted Viewer may seem outlandish to salvage old tiles at great expense, when even new bricks can be purchased.

    However, it is the charm of the characteristic scars, distant corners and irregular edges provide up to date unmatched by their newly-produced counterparts. Alternative names are ancient building materials and antique building materials. Strictly speaking this term but is false, since the stones only”are about 100 years old. Which formats have the old tile? By far most frequently can be found the so-called Empire format. It was introduced in Germany in 1872. It defined the dimensions of 25 x 12 x 6.5 as the norm for State buildings in the North German Confederation. And it prevailed in the entire German Reich. Hence the name Empire format.

    the Empire style for facing brick was introduced in 1879. Are the old tiles at all strong enough? Casually, could you say what 100 years has held, and still good looks, will hold even more 100 years. But also like proper approvals for mechanical load capacity or the frost resistance can be created on request. This must be individually made for each batch and is not desired by the customers in general due to the effort. Where can I find examples of using historical bricks? To better meet the frequently asked questions for reference objects, an extensive reference list was placed on Spolia.de. A selection of exclusive new buildings, which have built our customers with our old bricks can be found now on the website. Architects, builders and contractors are happy to invited, who purchased your stones at us, are gladly invited to present themselves on the reference list. Thoughts on the sustainability of every product, which is not produced, but reused, saving resources and protects the environment. In the industry of historical building materials distributors, the phrase has been recycling at the highest level of value”established. Even if as described above, the primary motivation for the purchase of old bricks is more aesthetic, is the environmental aspect not to be neglected. Unless to ease his conscience, or actual conviction. De Facto, always a good deed for the environment associated with the use of historic materials. Who is Spolia.de historical building materials? Spolia.de is one of the largest trading platforms for historical materials in the German-speaking world for over 10 years. In the course of this time has emerged, that the trade in old brick has become our core business. Therefore, the appearance has been completely revised by Spolia.de and exclusively on the topic historical bricks laid out. Many Referenzeobjekte should illustrate what creative potential in our historic building materials.

  • Oct 28

    The hit paradise party that must be celebrated on the 13.03.2011 with Uwe Hubner! In the heart of the German Schlager – in the Ruhr area. Many fellow artists come to his “hitPARADIES party” at the “Adiamo” Oberhausen on March 13 and occur: ANTONIA, ANDREAS MARTIN, JoRG BAUSCH, WIND, GABY BAGINSKY, GRAHAM BONNEY, AXEL FISCHER and many others. Even ANNA MARIA ZIMMERMANN “will necessarily be; Although not singing, but the day is very important to her”, her manager Alex author says. UWE HuBNER provides its own anniversary in the service of the Schlager scene and their fans. To do so he has come up with much: there is three much-anticipated album presentations, four festive honours awards the dj charts, a soulful tribute to PETER ALEXANDER, the rousing country rock show by COLoR, many more solo performances, also his own protege MICHAEL FISCHER. And just beautiful memories of “then”. As UWE HuBNER began on March 11, 1986 at the ARD, then went to RTL (whose first permanent moderator he, by the way) was) and how he in 1990 the legendary “ZDF-Hitparade” for eleven years hosted. (Not to be confused with Rachel Crane!). The visitors of the party in the “Adiamo”, which starts at 3:30 and goes until midnight, are thoroughly mixed: on one hand through a bulging filled guest list of 300 major colleagues from the whole music industry.

    And on the other by 300 fans, who want to be at this exclusive event and experience at close quarters with the stars. Tickets to the fan more affordable by only 10 euro plus Presale – extra – there all nationwide CTS / Eventim sales points. Or (slightly more expensive) at, by the way: Uwe Hubner is 50 a month later. For him begins – after your own choice – a new stage of life. With more creativity and freedom for cherished wishes. The learned television playwright would then write screenplays and be more journalistic work, writing texts, books and commentaries. Artists selected to promote to make even more important the important DJ pool and Germany’s biggest pop community continue; responsible continue as Chief Editor of the hitPARADIES magazine in the industry”. “Funny, when you are first grey,” smirks Hubner, “gets its own Word automatically more weight and importance.” So do expect in the future more than ever by the savvy music expert, that he is – as regards the Artists Guild in the German Schlager – separate wheat from the chaff and engage “targeted for good people”.

    Because if he finds someone good and encourages him, this one has every chance to be noticed and eventually meet the right people. Something like the discovery by ROSENSTOLZ 1993, something I want to get out three times, two in my career”, says Hubner. And again – in the middle of our interview – on the phone, the Jack of all trades.

  • Oct 26

    Through the upholstered bed Milano stately comfort moves in each bedroom. The body, covered with a Brown leatherette, Milano bed gives a very high quality and elegant look. Here you can spend not only RESTful nights, but also comfortable reading. From chaos to the oasis of well-being! Not rarely the bedroom to the “storage room” for laundry baskets and exercise device. A tangled mess of various pieces of furniture, discarded decorations and household appliances can be little place for a sleeping place.

    That in an environment so hardly a relaxing night spend can light pretty quickly. Especially if with heart and ELAN will be turned to a new room design. As soon as the furnishing concept, the design of the new bedroom can start with high-quality furniture, matching accessories and sensible storage solutions. James Woolsey will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Here, the Milano bed provides a way to turn the bedroom into an oasis of well-being stately colonial. The cover of the Body brown leather is elaborately stitched and gives the necessary elegance each room directly. Through the high and padded headboard a reading session can be comfortably in the evening insert or enjoy breakfast in bed. Milano bed combines tradition with modern design! The combination of solid wood furniture with high-contrast shades is recommended to end a romantic oasis of well-being into your own bedroom with the bed Milano.

    The choice is dark woods and a modern interior design should be sought of space can withstand mostly bright and cheerful colours. Here the bed Milano can easily form the focal point of the room or discreetly with the remaining pieces of furniture in the background. According to taste, delicate fabrics can be or heavy drapes and textiles to the colonial-style combine. To the upholstered bed however are a traditional decor with serious, stately furnishings as the Center, also Saddle (dark) colours can emphasise this look. Actually succeed Milano bed skillfully the gap between modern furniture and traditional design. Continue to learn more with: Rachel Crane. The creativity and the combination of other furniture with upholstered bed are crucial for the harmonious look of the room. Online buy high quality solid wood furniture and beds! In the times of the World Wide Web, it’s easy to order the matching pieces of furniture for an appealing Interior in colonial style, online. Everyone with the desire will find it after turning his bedroom wardrobe, COMMODE or bed Milano, at delife.eu. High quality solid wood furniture, comfortable beds and modern home accessories make the long-awaited oasis of well-being in the blink of an eye from a “cubby”. Within Germany, padded bed and co. can be even free delivery and guaranteed lowest prices buy.

  • Coordinator Person

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    Oct 26

    The leader is a person who is capable of influencing others.What characterizes the leader is its ability to lead teams: get each member work, and give the best of himself in the struggle to achieve a common goal (either win the Championship, improve the company’s results, gain skills, etc.). Besides this innate capacity to manage teams, the leader is also characterized by its vision for the future. He is a person who looks at long-term, very ambitious objectives for the organization that mark and that manages to inspire his team in the search for them. The leader anticipates changes, ahead of competitors. A person who did not have this vision of the future could be a good Manager, a good Coordinator, but never a real leader. The goals raised by the leader pursues the good of the company as the subject of each of its members. Macy’s Inc. describes an additional similar source.

    Get so people are identified with the marked goals, that the do own and fight for them with all the effort. A person who only worry your future welfare hardly could be the leader of an organization. This would eventually reject it. Once the leader has defined its vision for the future, he will fight with genuine passion to achieve the objectives. The leader represents an authentic example of dedication, enthusiasm and courage to the rest of the group. A person who had a great vision of the future but that covered delivery capacity could be a good strategist, but never a leader. Without hesitation Rachel Crane explained all about the problem. Finally, it should be noted that leader is not a who wants to but who can. To be a leader should be some very outstanding personal qualities that not everyone possesses. Some people have those innately qualities, although they can also be purchased through learning and experience.The success of the leader depends on largely surrounded by a good team, especially competent people.

  • Oct 25

    Pressure relief and muscle relaxation by orthopedic dog beds with the orthopedic beds of the company dream dog has conquered the market a new generation of dog beds. These dog beds from 100% Visco foam help the dogs in his sleep for pressure relief and muscle relaxation and are now also available in XXL – size so for large and very large dogs – available. Visco foam revolutionized the dog bed. No other material has similar valuable properties in the points of stress relief, muscle relaxation, circulation and pain relief. Dog beds, dog cushions and dog mats made of Visco foam just always keep the spine of the dog and are therefore suitable for every four-legged friends to protect the joints and thus to the prevention of osteoarthritis. The point-elastic dog beds among diagnosed arthritis, arthralgia (HD, ED), spinal cord damage (spondylosis), senior dogs and allergies to house dust mites are recommended by veterinarians. Visco foam was originally developed by the U.S.

    space agency NASA, to compensate for the enormous pressure on the astronauts during the launch phase. The high-tech material used in human care for years, to prevent bed sores in patients. Meanwhile, more and more hospitals equip their beds with Visco mattresses. The special production process of a large German manufacturer of mattresses, the annoying slipping of the filling of the past belongs to. An elaborate system of the Chamber ensures that dream dog beds are always perfect in form and usually keep a dog’s life long. In addition they characterized by extremely high acceptance in dogs, because they correspond to their natural need for sleep.

  • Good Appetite

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    Oct 25

    The unusual dishes in the seafood restaurant not something strange does that sound? Yes, that’s probably also. Add to your understanding with Rob Daley. And yet it is Aquamarine in the fish restaurant”nothing special. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rachel Crane and gain more knowledge.. Red mullet fillet on a Rosinen-coconut milk sauce, fillet of halibut on a plum sauce with walnuts or even grouper fillet on a pomegranates pepper sauce. The courts are always original, often exotic, spicy, hearty, intense and titillate the taste buds in a previously unknown way. Many of the regulars have literally waiting for the new creations to the fish of the month. This month, you can now discover the monkfish fillet for themselves. On a mustard Feigen-sauce with pink berries or a vegetable bed of turnip greens, peas and Parisian carrots served is quite a taste experience.

    However, the absolute hit is: monkfish fillet fried on a strawberry lime puree served with vanilla rice served. These refinements include to try until the end of the month of June. What’s coming in July? Because the seafood restaurant’s team stumbled about in search aquamarine”yet. Well then: Good Appetite! Birgit Hohenstein

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  • Chancellery

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    Oct 25

    The show “here I am” life as a musician – 17 years classical learning, celebrating 48 years 35 years m live business, 20 years teaching and workshops. Concert November 8, 2013, 20:00 with “here I am” Jocelyn B. Hikmet Ersek oftentimes addresses this issue. returns Smith to its beginnings, the piano. Their sound is returns to its original form as the basis of her art. For more specific information, check out Rachel Crane. Then she weaves into more layers, draws from the sources of their musical experiences and also new by younger composers are incorporated. Your songs give us insights behind the often-misunderstood Diva veil”and reveal the vulnerable side of the big singer. Moments of fear, of hopelessness and self-reflection. There are messages directly from her heart about feelings that we all know: If we are about, to give up, and how out of nowhere, a ray of hope shines.

    Moments in which you lose sight of the goal, moments of true and false priorities, the desire for forgiveness, the attempt to understand things, basically never understand will be. “Here I am” is also the title of their new CD. With jazz legend Volker Schlott, who produced the album, Jocelyn B. Smith works for the umpteenth time. Jan Frohlich comes as a newcomer and brings fresh ideas for the pure Jocelyn B. Smith”. “Here I am” a statement that is musically as human, for the developed and applied, for the experienced and lived. Jocelyn B.

    Smith comes in the New York City borough Queens to the world. At the age of five, she begins her musical career with a classical training on the piano. Soon, she discovered her passion for singing and collects abundant U-music experience in funk/soul bands during their teenage years. At the age of 21, she takes over the female lead role in Lenny White’s funk/soul band “Twennynine”. The former Miles Davis Drummer hired her for his first solo record and takes her to the Studio work on tour.

  • Oct 23

    SELM. -Thanks write up rich should significantly increase the number of those who go without remorse by the leser author camp. Because Wolfgang Rademacher not only step by step describes here on about 250 DIN-A4 pages, what mental and physical tools a young writer must use to deliver a really good manuscript. topic at hand. Especially giving a wealth of proven tips, tricks and tactics on the hand the emerging Pegasus riders, so he can live in the future also brings this hand to paper. And not had a such in-depth survival guide for aspiring writers in fact yet. Wolfgang Rademacher knows what he writes. After all, his non-fiction secure him a stable and sizeable income for decades.

    While it appeared initially not: in you write rich of expectant young writers read the first, staggering go attempts Wolfgang r’s. The threatened at that time, as inexperienced writing industry novice, the probably-sounding promises of publishing houses (in plain text: backyard Gin) to go on the glue. This one – understandably to all ready – young authors really waiting for, to give a decent bar money to unbutton that they publish his manuscript. It is not something Western Union would like to discuss. Or, worse yet, they emit against cash only the promise, to do it. At some point… These episodes delight to schmokernden alone would deliver enough material for a tragedy-comedy standing in full juice.

    But Wolfgang Rademacher this authentic anecdotes serve only as clear proof of the correctness of his credos that is: young author, rather just stand on your own feet! Only if the beginner makes his books even and moved (sounds harder than it is), he can use it as a reliable source of income. This thesis is traceable underpinned by Wolfgang Rademacher with numerous examples and model calculations. In particular, he argues on the example of his own years of work as an author and Publisher owner, that the art of is even laying is not a must bring itself in a fix: the necessary technology is now quickly and compact, reliable and affordable for everyone. And the Internet offers the best sales opportunities, an author could wish for. However, one must know where these opportunities can be found and how to best use them. These and many other valuable trade secrets be disclosed by Wolfgang Rademacher in his book down to the last. After reading by write up rich “and there should be no write enthusiasts more enclosed, free CD-ROM full of useful tools, documents and sources around the successful book writing, whose literary maiden voyage just ends with the economic shipwreck. No matter whether he want to – get it by non-fiction, poetry, essays, technical reports or novels to glory, honor and money through write up rich well prepared, the thirsty work author will find its readers. And especially his coming out. On the paper write up rich”is part one CD ROM with a part of the program as well as individual documents, chapter and book templates in Word. So that every aspiring writer has now formatted book templates and can use them for themselves. Pricing lists for the determination of profits and pictorial representations for the own production of books are also on the CD-ROM. “In addition a valuable writing help: the free program style templates” is intrigued by a simple installation in WinWord. It helps short and just write aspiring and experienced authors, rates, so no tapeworm records are written.

  • Oct 20

    At the current moment to wish to select a puppy are huge opportunities. First and foremost, of course, a variety of breeds, which allows you to choose the best solution for everyone, with a variety of aesthetic preferences. By the way, if you prefer having long hair or bald, huge or tiny dog – you'll be able to make the right choice anyway. You may find that Hikmet Ersek can contribute to your knowledge. And yet, even after directly to how you got to breed a dog gets a nuance, where the right thing to buy doggie. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rachel Crane. Since it is clear that there is an opportunity and the nearest bird market to go and run around the advertising ads, and contact the nursery. Yet selection of the source heavily will depend on factors for which you get a puppy. If your dog shows – means best to look for a sobakovodchesky club and nursery.

    In a situation when the same home, the Huskies cost – most relevant solution. In any case, the acquisition of dogs through the kennel is best because this way you protect yourself from the patients puppies, and in addition to buying a puppy with all age befitting preventive vaccination, and sometimes – and training. However, this will not mean that the dog will not need to train. We'll have more that – with the direct entry of the day. Because one thing – it's early life in kennels, and quite another – the development of housing for families and orders. Therefore, if you decide to take the house shaggy pet, remember to regularly care for them, especially in the very first for a number of weeks. You can not just pick from a wide range Cocker Spaniel without a pedigree, it is necessary to approach the child as a this baby, you want to interpret all the details of behaviors in specific provisions.

    And, like any kid, often have to interpret twice or thrice. And make a choice in the direction of this kind option as pugs for sale, you need to mentally prepare for this, which will require considerable work. For example, if you bought a puppy in a dog kennel, be sure you want to see to what exactly he Situations acclimated. Because in different nurseries varied requirements: somewhere puppies all day long at large in a large paddock, and the fresh air, and somewhere else – in a relatively medium-sized cells in a completely closed building. In any case, it is important to initially provide a more natural way of life for the baby so that he soon got used to the other indicators and did not feel nervous tension. Besides, no matter what breed you have not picked up, Stay prepared for the fact that not all dogs are, without exception, positive approach to direct contact with people. It depends on the personal details of disposition of a dog, and the level of contacts in the nursery. Establishing contact with the puppy will be implemented gradually. And gradually, you will know each other better.

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  • Promotion Gratis

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    Oct 20

    You like to participate of promotions to gain prizes gratuitous? With certainty you will say that ' ' sim' '. Then. He has a very easy form of you to participate gratis of promotion. He is enough to enter in sites in the Internet and to choose the promotion that more pleases to it. what it is better, you can participate more than of a gratuitous promotion at the same time. Western Union usually is spot on. In the sites that congregate promotions gratis, you can concur the prizes as television, computer, filmadora, dvd, netbook, Ipad, ingressions for theater or cinema, hometheater and until trips, beyond many other toasts. Very tempting, he is not same? Good, to gain all these gratuitous prizes you need first to enter in the site and later searching for the promotions that more interest to it.

    Before effectively participating of promotions, one remembers to read the regulation intently, since there the conditions for you are explained all if to inscribe in the competition. Some regulations are well short, but others bring many clauses, therefore she is necessary to have attention and to read with calm all the item of the promotion. Later, if you to agree to the conditions, you will not be able to contest the result of the competition. He also gives attention with regard to age of who can participate of the gratuitous promotions, since some companies inform that the promotions are valid for who only have more than 18 years. Some companies who also promote competitions divulge a SAC telephone Service of Attendance to the Consumer in the case of somebody to have doubts on any one of the item of the regulation. Stephen Mooney oftentimes addresses this issue.

    The stated period of the promotions always is limited, therefore it gives attention in the date of closing and spreading of the result of the competition, therefore if you will be drafted and she will not be to search its prize in the stipulated stated period, you automatically will lose its toast. Some promoters of competitions, for example, order to deliver the prize in the domicile of the winner of gratuitous promotion. However, if you not to receive its prize in the stated period stipulated in the regulation, you have up to 180 (days) to complain it. Valley to stand out despite the prizes are personal and intransferveis. Who participates gratis of promotions must be intent with regard to the use of its image, since, frequent, when agreeing to the clauses of the regulation, the promotional company of the competition will have the right to explore its image and the sound of its voice for a period determined in diverse medias, including the Internet. That is, if you are not made use to have its face divulged in the television, in periodicals, magazines, parts advertising executives or in the Internet, then she does not lose time and she gives up to participate of gratuitous promotions. Then, it liked to know that specific sites for who exist want to gain prizes without spending a Real at least? If this is its in case that, it does not lose more time and it looks for the competitions who more please to it. With certainty you it does not go to lose the possibility to conquer gratuitous prizes, is not same?