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  • Oct 31

    Now spezialiseren we us to historical bricks. Numerous references for the use of the old bricks are now online. Press to the relaunch of Spolia.de – historical building materials. What are historical materials? Historical building materials are materials that come from demolition of buildings, and run to a second use. This must the old bricks are lifted carefully, so that they will not be destroyed. This requires a great deal of sensitivity and long experience. The benighted Viewer may seem outlandish to salvage old tiles at great expense, when even new bricks can be purchased.

    However, it is the charm of the characteristic scars, distant corners and irregular edges provide up to date unmatched by their newly-produced counterparts. Alternative names are ancient building materials and antique building materials. Strictly speaking this term but is false, since the stones only”are about 100 years old. Which formats have the old tile? By far most frequently can be found the so-called Empire format. It was introduced in Germany in 1872. It defined the dimensions of 25 x 12 x 6.5 as the norm for State buildings in the North German Confederation. And it prevailed in the entire German Reich. Hence the name Empire format.

    the Empire style for facing brick was introduced in 1879. Are the old tiles at all strong enough? Casually, could you say what 100 years has held, and still good looks, will hold even more 100 years. But also like proper approvals for mechanical load capacity or the frost resistance can be created on request. This must be individually made for each batch and is not desired by the customers in general due to the effort. Where can I find examples of using historical bricks? To better meet the frequently asked questions for reference objects, an extensive reference list was placed on Spolia.de. A selection of exclusive new buildings, which have built our customers with our old bricks can be found now on the website. Architects, builders and contractors are happy to invited, who purchased your stones at us, are gladly invited to present themselves on the reference list. Thoughts on the sustainability of every product, which is not produced, but reused, saving resources and protects the environment. In the industry of historical building materials distributors, the phrase has been recycling at the highest level of value”established. Even if as described above, the primary motivation for the purchase of old bricks is more aesthetic, is the environmental aspect not to be neglected. Unless to ease his conscience, or actual conviction. De Facto, always a good deed for the environment associated with the use of historic materials. Who is Spolia.de historical building materials? Spolia.de is one of the largest trading platforms for historical materials in the German-speaking world for over 10 years. In the course of this time has emerged, that the trade in old brick has become our core business. Therefore, the appearance has been completely revised by Spolia.de and exclusively on the topic historical bricks laid out. Many Referenzeobjekte should illustrate what creative potential in our historic building materials.

  • Jul 26

    Are you planning a new building? There are insulated floor panels with the mind. 30 save heating costs the idea comes from Scandinavia. To withstand the harsh climate, the Scandinavians started to underpin the floors of homes with insulation and to lay the heating pipes in the overlying concrete. For the German market, this system is not yet enough to elaborate approval process, also available, but unfortunately for the builders. That should now change: the company Floortech foundations the Thermofundament wants to make Germany’s well-known: we can work with any contractors together – each House can be built up to 2 1/2 floors on an insulated base plate. With a U-value of about 0.17, we meet one of the requirements to a KfW-Bank funded Energieeinsparverordnung to build. Speak with us and save at least 30% heating costs compared to a conventional concrete foundation.

  • Managing Director

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    Oct 13

    I build my house – self Bauhaus weather-independent even finished and build the Burener European precision industries (EPI) GmbH offers a completely new concept for the Bauhaus itself. Customers of the prefabricated house manufacturer can independently make their home in own performance under the professional guidance and set up. Itself is the man”, or I build my house” is the motto of the young company, which was founded by a team with decades of experience in building. With this innovative model, save several thousand euros in the prefab house builders and the building in less than 14 days. This special feature: The construction professionals are in the entire manufacturing and building process to the page. I’m building my house”is the motto of the Burener company, offering everything to its domestic customers, what is needed for the self Bauhaus in its own performance. Who desire new prefab House as cheap would like to meet, GmbH by the own use which significantly reduce manufacturing and construction costs may at the EPI.

    The customer created so be Self Bauhaus. “Thus offers EPI on a sometimes unique concept, in that all the interested parties with the motto I build my house” is: the client works closely with three specially selected volunteers under the direction of EPI building professionals diligently with his own Bauhaus and save money. Weather-independent building, the company provides their large house factory in the industrial area of Burener. With the EPI House manufacturer we have developed a concept, clearly stands out from the conventional production of prefabricated houses as self Bauhaus”, know Franz Peitz, Managing Director of EPI GmbH. “Regardless of weather conditions and other circumstances the customer makes his own Bauhaus successively independently true to the motto I build my house directly and quickly”. Usually, the production of prefabricated components for the self Bauhaus takes not more than eight days.