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    Jun 29

    ABRANGNCIA OF THE FOCUS & ndash; & ldquo; ONE WAY OF DUPLA&amp HAND; rdquo;. Interesting as the executives they are directing part of its attention to the management of left sectors until then in second plain. Recently, in an event in the Fiep-Curitiba, I heard a Manager of the area of Transports to praise the position of its Customer, which came contributing for the improvement of the edge of profit of its company. I confess that I found commentary one how much in such a way unusual, after all of accounts is not common, mainly in this segment, the Contractor to contribute for improvement in the edge of profit of Contracted its. Such situation sent to me to question it how much to the feat.

    The reply she was more unusual still: & ldquo; The administrative management of it alavancou my productivity, for consequence my edge of lucro.& rdquo; According to this transporter, its customer changed the concept applied to all management involving shipments, becoming them faster practical. With this the collection time was reduced considerably, making possible increase of the invoicing with the same operational cost. The boarding given to the subject called me the attention, still more coming of a segment one in such a way how much discriminated. I took the freedom to request to this interlocutor the contact of its customer, therefore it had interested me for the adopted position. Passed some days, I made contact with the responsible one for the area of logistic of this company.

    It said respect to an Industry of Plastic Packings installed in the CIC. No longer beginning of the colloquy I could evidence that one was about a proper concept, with well defined objectives. Openly it explained me to the Manager that: & ldquo; The concept if summarizes in taking care of in the best possible way my suppliers, after all of accounts is in a hand way dupla.& rdquo; According to it, the process is simple of being understood, but being complicated of being implanted: & ldquo; The main obstacle that appears, when of the implantation of a new concept, they are the internal paradigms, vincos of established structures already.

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