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    Jun 27

    My friends who had always been with me, the ones that they were far, but always had a time for a colloquy, a consolation or a shoulder friend, Jssica, Aline and Caroline, my friend and friend of college, works and of monograph, Gabriela, one of the people more special than I know that he helped me at the moment where I more needed I gave to a shoulder friend to me, I even loaned to the house and at some moments the mother, the Cadiani, my friend of house, monograph and claims, friend who is so similar to me that people if only understand. My colleagues of the college, who in way to as much fight and misunderstandings had been being born great friendships. To my fellow workers who as much had heard on the TCC they had all folloied, me during this year and finally great friends had become.

    To mine interviewed that with much attention they had assisted in the enlargement of this work, RBS TV and its collaborators who if had considered to clarify all my doubts. E, finally, I am thankful the masters who had folloied mine special academic trajectory and in my person who orientates Elisngela for education and devotion in the accomplishment of this monograph. SUMMARY This work of course conclusion aims at to analyze the performance of the professional of Public Relations in the management of the institucional communication, as well as, in the institucional actions carried through in organizations contemporaries and to carry through a study of case of & ldquo; Project Thinks Verde& rdquo; of RBS TV Saint Maria. It has as objective specific, to demonstrate to the similarities and differences of organizations and institutions, based on the theories of the organizations, the communication and in the sociological theories on institutions and institutionalization, to verify as it is carried through the boarding of the public in these actions and the categories that are used for this, and finally, to demonstrate to which the performance of the professional of public relations in the management of these actions.

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