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    May 11

    Barakat and his compatriot Kalil Saleh created two import and export companies in Iquique-Saleh Trading Ltd. and Barakat Ltd. – at the beginning of June 2001. Another Lebanese, Arafat Ismail, an associate of Saleh, runs both businesses. 101.

    At that time, the Minister of the Interior of Chile presented a request for an investigation of the operations of several Lebanese businessmen in Iquique, including Barakat and Ismail Mohamed Alo, who was banned from leaving the country because of his alleged relationship with a network that financed Hezbollah. Santiago, reported in early November 2001, that the newly created unit of international affairs detectives Police intelligence (Jipol) detected at least two associations in which Barakat appears to be the main investor. Detectives determined that Saleh Trading Ltd was registered in Iquique a notary on 6 June 2001, with an initial capital of 50. 000 dollars. A Chilean citizen was involved in the Association.

    The second Association, the company’s import and export Barakat Ltd., occurred the next day at the same notary, with an initial capital of 20. 000 dollars. Barakat, who gave the building reef, apartment 902, Iquique, as his address, contributed $19. 800 to the association with Juan Lecaros Figueroa. The company stated that its objective was import and export all kinds of goods, especially clothing and electronic items, and participate in any other business that the partners agree, under the free zone area or customs regulations. Investigators quoted by the third of the hour, however, confirmed that the money allegedly laundered in Iquique they came from Ciudad del Este, with companies in Chile as cover. These activities could reach several million dollars. Barakat acknowledged in an interview with a Chilean newspaper in November 2001, which has businesses in Chile and the United States (Miami and New York). It also reiterated that it is only a sympathizer of Hezbollah, which sends $400 per year to help orphans of the war of liberation of South of the Lebanon.

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