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    Oct 7

    Helpfully marketers have called this method "research at the desk." Where to look for the client, including a regional? Here is an example of the most valuable sources of information: Exhibitions Plus: allows to gather information about potential consumers, trends in the industry in general, competitors' actions and plans (www.exponet.ru, and). Less: there is no guarantee that the flow of people and diversity of businesses you will be able to tie the desired contact. Economy-wide newspapers and magazines – "Vedomosti (www.vedomosti.ru), Business Petersburg (www.dp.ru), expert, Expert North-West (www.expert.ru), and others. Plus: interviews, reports, articles let you know the business client's preferences. Less: be wary of information and carefully weigh all the facts.

    Guide system, allowing any user to make free use of their data (www.e-adres.ru). Plus: speed data collection, data reliability and the ability to preliminary analysis, the presence of all the information about the company, up to the location on a map, and more. Less: run away from the eyes of the information. Industry portals, directories. Plus: You can find interesting review of the market you are interested in the results of marketing research. Minus: Not all sites allow you to view reports for free.

    Sites of search engines (www.yandex.ru,,) Plus: an abundance of information sources. Minus: A variety of information does not constitute a variety of clients. $ $ Addressable maker usually achieves the greatest success one who has the best information. Benjamin Disraeli constant growth rate amounts of information one of the main features of our time.

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