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    Oct 9

    Packaging design – an important factor for success in the market. Did you know that 2 / 3 purchases in stores are made spontaneously? Furthermore, even if a buyer comes for a certain commodity, it directly at the counter there is a possibility influence his decision in favor of a brand. And here starts the interesting thing, namely, begins the hunt for a buyer. Product quality, of course, has its value, but also look to be selling. And then the main instrument stands Packaging! The traditional view of the package is primarily associated with its original function – to be the shell, a container for any product. Cleverly decorated packaging is not just a minor application for the product is a powerful marketing tool because in some cases, the 'clothing' – or in other product design means more than itself, meet all the same on clothes.

    And here is the odezhka can help prevent you or the opposite view, choose the right product with the variety of 'living' on the counter. Not need to invest huge money into development and production of packaging to successfully sell it – the whole the question is, for any product being plotted all of this show, whether for example, packaging for alcoholic beverages. The important thing is still something to someone wakes up, designed product. So, come to this notion as a 'task force'. AND This raises the question: Does it make sense to invest money in packaging design, when the price is a major factor. Dear appearance may scare off buyers on the contrary, which is not enough money to buy.

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