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    Jun 14

    Without asking, you're next to someone who behaves as if it were your partner. AEs unbearable! You do not want to have anyone in charge, you do not want more responsibility than that awarded him life, and yet the a te Quieroo , you feel obligated. yQue can you do? You do not love him, you know how it hurts not to be matched and from your powerful position, suddenly you feel how much it costs to continue calling, how do you put the willies bump in the road and see in his eyes complete submission and a desperate plea. In our genes is seared and pursue the impossible to safeguard the survival of our species. So, you know: if you want to remove from your life to someone who is annoying you, tell him you love him. In most cases, will disappear.

    Now, if someone tells you who you love … Go up to the seventh heaven with more momentum than a NASA spacecraft. Without hesitation technology at millennium explained all about the problem. The mantra of a me want, I want to, love will! a will not stop ringing in your head. Both peleareis by whom it is given more, who sacrificed more than happy to make another. a Oeno baby, I'll use whatever I . In the only case in which no effect is when you know he says it uses it as a compliment. Husband, wife, anniversary, flowers, chocolates, a Quieroo a te mumbled confusedly whispered in his ear with a touch of volatile cheeks.

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  • Feb 26

    This exclusive partnership, known as Bilderberg Club, annual meetings are held from 1954 in an atmosphere of strict secrecy. So the very same Encyclopaedia Britannica defines them. They defend themselves from accusations of obscurantism claiming that they are not a secret club, but private. In this regard he adds nodo50.org/tortoise, which according to the experts at Bilderberg, the Club operates according to the system of concentric circles. Specifically, this Association has a Steering Committee – the Steering Comitte – consisting of about forty people.

    These chosen guests of the edition of this year according to the planned thematic agenda. The more or less established rule is that each one of the members of the Steering Committee invite two other people. In total, about one hundred and fifty people maximum. The members of the Steering Comitte debate more discreet Affairs. Then the long hundred of attendees held other meetings of more general. In none of the cases, the conclusions will be made public, although in recent years are issued a few press releases late which sets out the topics covered during the intense weekend. Nuclear energy is one of the most repeated. Recently, biotechnology is another issue star.

    Also in the last editions, Secretary of the Bilderberg Group made public a list with almost all participants. These are not grouped by delegations, but by alphabetical order, something that many consider a test more than who in deciding on International Affairs countries have less than the multinationals. In any case, in the official list are not all attendees, but there is always some spontaneous, as Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State.UU., who last May ended up at Versailles to report on progress in the occupied Iraq. Also, some bilderbergers requested that their names will remain anonymous. In recent years some independent media work during the months leading up to the Summit to discover the location of the meeting.

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