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  • Mar 11

    Especially these days speaks much about the integration of Spain in Europe, which undoubtedly implies a sense double relationship, and, at the moment, if we refer to an economic environment in this relationship our country is losing in terms of competitiveness. More info: Amazon Studios. As a market, we see many foreign companies who have developed their businesses, but not so otherwise here. According to the European Commission, every year thousands of companies they wasting commercial opportunities and lose contracts for lack of knowledge of languages. The origins of this problem are very diverse, but abiding to the languages, the statistics reflect an increase continued in terms of number of companies contemplating the training of its staff, at the same time that the financial conditions to achieve this, both in the form of bonuses as State and regional grants have done. But it also highlights a large percentage, particularly SMEs, which do not have access to these advantages, either due to ignorance or by not considering it a preference.

    The chain of Hexagone language centers strongly believes in training as a future against the crisis situation. And according to his experience, many of the companies that invest in training contemplate policies that either elect its suppliers only for the lowest cost, pulling nearly the investment, or then not controlled its effectiveness, so it will not correct the defects. In this sense Hexagone offers focused training programs to the business world, with their own methodologies and pedagogical approach, adapted to a professional development. Not in vain the company was born as Academy of French for the subsidiary of Renault in Spain, and since then has given service to companies like Zara, Ferrovial, Decathlon, the Ensign Indesit seeks to grow through the system of franchises, with the current crisis situation, because language teaching has proven to be a sector that evolves increasingly. And precisely because this situation causes that the training is becoming increasingly important to find a job or to stay there without going to become obsolete. According to data from the labor market, has shown that workers who increased their knowledge of languages they have greater access to employment, they can keep the have and even some professionals can expand their salary level. Hexagone is a franchise of schools of languages, with a wide range of services, such as individualized training or group for companies or individuals, classes at distance, courses abroad, the innovative system of auditory re-education Speedlingua, etc.

    At first, the intention of its makers is to enhance the expansion of the chain in cities with at least 300,000 inhabitants, in the Peninsula and the two archipelagos. His great experience in the sector of the languages has been its best asset since such large companies as MTV, Carrefour, day, BNP Paribas, Renault or Alain Afflelou, rely on them for years. Part of its success is due to the values that have always guided them such as transparency and closeness with their customers, the seriousness and the dedication to his craft that consider a true passion. His professionalism has been awarded by the attribution of the quality ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

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    Jan 11

    If the company has committed to deliveries on time, the indicator of percentage of deliveries is important and establishes aligned to the commitment. Targets for this indicator will be according to the offered to the client. b. realistic. Attached to what the company can make and market conditions; also in line with the capacities of employees and provide them with the control and tools necessary for its achievement. c. challengers: should motivate the employee to his achievement, generate healthy competition and challenge to achieve new levels of productivity and effectiveness. d.

    achievable. With regard to literal to), but emphasize that they are to motivate and move towards higher levels of quality and efficiency. Generating indicators with overly high levels, they can become in demotivation. measurable. It sounds redundant, but the indicator must be accessible for easy measurement. The collection of the information necessary to measure it must be accessible and reliable. f sistematizable: the indicator must be able to generate without handle or handle too many variables, should preferably be the product of a system computerized and administered by an independent person to the subject of measurement. 4th.

    Establish incentives based on indicators. Many companies now manage their incentives (call bonuses, increases and promotions), according to the results of management indicators. The results of the indicators can relate to the form of payment of bonds, according to the levels achieved in the indicator corresponding to the area or Department to which the employee belongs. 5th. Launch the program. Management indicators are an entire project management and can be applied in all areas of the company. The Administration must inform each employee the way how you measure, also indicating the benefits that will have to meet them, but also penalties for those that do not cover them. 6th. Feedback. If it is first time It will implement a program of indicators, we must be open to correct, modify and expand how to measure.