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    Oct 10

    The unusual dishes in the seafood restaurant not something strange does that sound? Yes, that’s probably also. And yet it is Aquamarine in the fish restaurant”nothing special. Red mullet fillet on a Rosinen-coconut milk sauce, fillet of halibut on a plum sauce with walnuts or even grouper fillet on a pomegranates pepper sauce. Check out Hikmet Ersek for additional information. The courts are always original, often exotic, spicy, hearty, intense and titillate the taste buds in a previously unknown way. Many of the regulars have literally waiting for the new creations to the fish of the month. This month, you can now discover the monkfish fillet for themselves. On a mustard Feigen-sauce with pink berries or a vegetable bed of turnip greens, peas and Parisian carrots served is quite a taste experience.

    However, the absolute hit is: monkfish fillet fried on a strawberry lime puree served with vanilla rice served. These refinements include to try until the end of the month of June. What’s coming in July? Because the seafood restaurant’s team stumbled about in search aquamarine”yet. Well then: Good Appetite! Birgit Hohenstein

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  • Aug 22

    Presentation of the French wine trade mark Blanchet for over 2 decades inspires not only sophisticated wine connoisseurs, but also the Otto ordinary consumer Blanchet (www.blanchet.de). Whether red, white, rose, dry, semi-dry or blend, Blanchet leaves nothing to be desired and is able from a simple dish to conjure up a 5-star menu. This wine is regarded as ideal food companion to a wide variety of dishes. Fish, seafood, beef, chicken, or even wild taste these wines again so good and inspire often even people who love not necessarily the taste of wine. Even finding good drops, Rouge de France dry, country of origin in the country of wine be Rouge de France-expressive and yet French France.

    This deep red Blanchet offers lovers with a harmoniously rounded taste of all kinds of fruits of the forest and lends itself particularly well to dishes such as venison and lamb. Well, you may submit this wine but also for pasta and Gratinated. Deni Avdija has firm opinions on the matter. Fruity, Berry this wine unfolds its taste at a temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius and should therefore be kept in the refrigerator. Wine specialists always have these wines in your wine cellar in stock, because just in the winter, this wine is a full pleasure, what does not mean that lovers can enjoy him not even on warmer days. Blanc de Blance not cool dry/semi-dry delicious, refreshing just the full-bodied red wine inspires has long been wine lovers, the white wines of Blanchet enjoy great popularity with connoisseurs. Light and fruity these good drops guarantee a simple, refreshing treat. Wine connoisseurs find exquisite, French white wine grapes, 100% what is reflected in the fine bouquet. To light dishes, such as chicken, pasta, seafood or salads should never lack these wines, they conjure up exactly the right combination on the palate.

    With matching wines to dishes, the meal is fast perfect. It is the palate here too the right combination delighted. Just the wines from Blanchet have the right drops there, for every lover ready and can enjoy of course without a tasty side dish. So some non – wine drinkers was disabused when this good drops, because not only connoisseurs are excited about this fruity beverage. Who don’t need among fans that dry wines like that, can also enjoy the off-dry version. Above all, women love the slightly sweeter taste and enjoy this wine also like to front of a cosy fire in the autumn and winter. At Christmas, this red wine is always a good wine is now even a place of honor at the festively decorated table, because for a good meal.

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  • Mar 28

    The new trend drink comes after Germany first of all: this tea can not be compared with traditional teas. There is also no tea bags with the flavor of bubble. Supposedly only Asians know what really there in the fashion drink from Asia. And we of course! Bubble tea is called also Pearl milk tea. The name bubble”from the Asian concept Boba”, means the ball or Pearl. The Pearl tea is invented about 30 years ago in a small tea shop in Taiwan, in the summer to make tasty tea benefit schoolchildren. The success it takes awhile, until the soft drink throughout Asia is known, but then is overwhelming. While the European kids Monster slush slurp, suck little Asians cold tea made from thick straws and the beads on the tongue burst.

    2010, the Taiwanese Ming Ching Lai brings the bubble tea after Germany. He opened the first bubble tea business, which brings the delicious milk tea mix among the people in the take away style in Berlin. Initially, the people are skeptical but there’s no holding back now. Asian tea miracle is an absolute figure and Asia-tea-shops spring up like mushrooms from the ground. Magic Balls in tea? The drink consists of two components: a tea as a base and these mysterious balls.

    Green or black tea is used for the base tea, which is traditionally set with milk or yogurt. This milk tea is sweetened with fruit syrup, caramel or honey to produce different types of reason. Real bubble tea is served chilled in a large, clear plastic cups. The presentation is reminiscent of a milkshake. The beads that make up the actual appeal of the bubble teas come in this tea-shake. The beads are made of plant starch; similar to the Sago, know our grandparents as pots. These beads are either filled with syrup or completely consist of sweetened, jelly-like substance. They burst and melt on the tongue. A real experience! With a thick straw tea and pearls are at the same time absorbed. The milk tea, you can prepare at home and sweet with fruit juice. The real bubble tea drink with the characteristic pearls is available so far only in the trendy Asia-tea-shops. Sure where people stand in line – then are on the right track. The Internet portal teabubble.de provides information about this new trend and has listed all the bubble tea shops in Germany. Especially in the big cities, many stores are represented. Good thirst! Nico Westerman – teabubble.de

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