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  • Jun 10

    Save the unnecessary purchase of fruit and vegetables and order it rather directly in the Office “moment for lunch and then here and there a few candy.” Is no time for something real”. As, or similar to the responses of German workers on the question look like the food in the Office. An unhealthy diet in the workplace affects not only the health of each employee, but can mean significant financial burden for the employer. Often very high costs caused by sickness, filling the body and overhead of the other team. The fruit box, a Germany-wide vegetable and Obstversand in the Office allows easily to enable the healthy food in the Office workers and employers and thus to enable the healthy eating at work.

    By simple online ordering through the Web site, vegetables – and Obstboxen can be ordered once or as a Subscriber in the Office. Also never comes by weekly changing combinations of fruit boxes Boredom on. Fruit boxes and other drivers of corporate health management lead according to Helmut Schroder, co-editor of the absences report and Deputy Head of WIdO to reduce absenteeism, improve the productivity and increase customer satisfaction lastingly. Expenditure on occupational health issues are also according to 3 to issue No. 34 ITA with 500 euros per employee and year of the tax debt. More information on the Internet at author: the fruit box

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  • Lowcarb Baking

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    Apr 15

    low carbohydrate diet – so easy it is universally known that a low-carbohydrate diet has a positive effect on the figure. But often lack an incentive to how one can achieve this diet. The conversion is no problem. Usually it is enough, if only on a few little things for baking and cooking are observed. Tip 1 baking without sugar carbohydrates are also sugar. Therefore it is advisable to reduce these to a minimum, or switching to alternatives.

    For example, the use of fruits is recommended instead of pure sugar. Bananas, strawberries, or peaches have enough fruit sugar, to ensure the desired sweetness. Furthermore should be abandoned completely fruits canned, because these are often heavily sugared. Tip can be reached also a low-carbohydrate diet 2 pie without baking, if you completely dispenses with the ground. Curd cakes, cheese cakes and similar recipes are the consistency so that that they can prepare without pie crust Let. Baking recipes, where this is not possible, you should very thinly spread at least the floor avoiding carbohydrates.

    Tip 3 – casserole without potatoes, noodles and co. Here, too many carbohydrates can be saved. Potatoes, pasta, rice and bread are not desirable when a low-carbohydrate diet. Therefore, a pure vegetable souffle is wonderful. In addition, there are of course many more recipes. Just salads are the classics of the low-carbohydrate diet. But also an omelet is ideal. Generally speaking, that meat and vegetables or fruit can be always used. Even eggs can be like on the menu. Tip 4 restaurant or restaurant? On the way it is sometimes pretty hard on a low-carbohydrate diet make sure. However, you should not hesitate to request that contain few or no carbohydrates dishes in restaurants. At the present time many restaurants that have built up and the appropriate menu ready. Tip 5 recipes get the Internet provides lots of useful information. Including information about the low-carbohydrate diet. Recipes can be found here by the effort by search engines easily. So you can conjure up new menus and the fun of baking and cooking is not lost even with fewer carbohydrates. Additional help forums or blogs dedicated to all the subject of carbohydrates. Again, ample information are included.

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  • Mar 28

    The new trend drink comes after Germany first of all: this tea can not be compared with traditional teas. There is also no tea bags with the flavor of bubble. Supposedly only Asians know what really there in the fashion drink from Asia. And we of course! Bubble tea is called also Pearl milk tea. The name bubble”from the Asian concept Boba”, means the ball or Pearl. The Pearl tea is invented about 30 years ago in a small tea shop in Taiwan, in the summer to make tasty tea benefit schoolchildren. The success it takes awhile, until the soft drink throughout Asia is known, but then is overwhelming. While the European kids Monster slush slurp, suck little Asians cold tea made from thick straws and the beads on the tongue burst.

    2010, the Taiwanese Ming Ching Lai brings the bubble tea after Germany. He opened the first bubble tea business, which brings the delicious milk tea mix among the people in the take away style in Berlin. Initially, the people are skeptical but there’s no holding back now. Asian tea miracle is an absolute figure and Asia-tea-shops spring up like mushrooms from the ground. Magic Balls in tea? The drink consists of two components: a tea as a base and these mysterious balls.

    Green or black tea is used for the base tea, which is traditionally set with milk or yogurt. This milk tea is sweetened with fruit syrup, caramel or honey to produce different types of reason. Real bubble tea is served chilled in a large, clear plastic cups. The presentation is reminiscent of a milkshake. The beads that make up the actual appeal of the bubble teas come in this tea-shake. The beads are made of plant starch; similar to the Sago, know our grandparents as pots. These beads are either filled with syrup or completely consist of sweetened, jelly-like substance. They burst and melt on the tongue. A real experience! With a thick straw tea and pearls are at the same time absorbed. The milk tea, you can prepare at home and sweet with fruit juice. The real bubble tea drink with the characteristic pearls is available so far only in the trendy Asia-tea-shops. Sure where people stand in line – then are on the right track. The Internet portal teabubble.de provides information about this new trend and has listed all the bubble tea shops in Germany. Especially in the big cities, many stores are represented. Good thirst! Nico Westerman – teabubble.de

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