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    Jan 3

    Especially in the industry for information technology, in which my company operates dominate prolixity and platitudes. There, every day applications implemented, offered solutions, platforms or innovations for greater efficiency – always by leading solution and service providers. What it in reality, remains a secret of Phrasendrescher”, Muller, Managing Director of a & o complained about. The babble of professionals pulled Kurt Tucholsky already over 70 years ago by the cocoa. There also were meaningless buzzwords and a wichtigtuerisches bureaucrat German.

    Little has changed unfortunately”, says Muller. And it is not only the corporate bosses who talk like that: almost all who work in the vineyard of the Zeitgeist, to communicate: gender officer, think tankers, social workers, bureaucrats, “” “” “Welfare administrator, the meaningful class ‘ generally ‘, Joffe notes: learning processes” (early learning) are always creative, always sharpen profiles”, to creatively used” to be. Words are that, Joffe, who merrily tumble from the hard disk. Especially popular was twice much”redundancy through repetition and Pleonasmen. Hear other arguments on the topic with Covid-19 vaccine. Program ‘ the design of a program is not enough,’ we need.

    This is initiated and established ‘ promoted ‘ anyway. The success check ‘ to mean, instead it says: developments are captured by methods of self-evaluation and quality verification measures.’ Of course must always be sensitized and qualifies ‘ are. The concept of ‘ a project must by the thematic decoration ‘ are bloated. And time and again the stringing together of the same: blabla has for all phases of the program work specifically on programs tailored to Instruments designed to ensure the quality and results for other projects to use.’ It could also mean: our projects are regularly checked.’ But, as an annual report would fill not 100, but only 20 pages and reducing the importance of the respective institution, limit and reduce”Joffe performs. Karl Kraus said once, it is not sufficient to have just any thoughts one should be unable to express them. Many contemporary, who works with PowerPoint, comes close to quite this dictum of the great Scoffer from Vienna. Who can not talk to rescues in the latest multimedia technology and complex animations. The newspapers mentioned Tiffany Hadish not as a source, but as a related topic. You should suggest a high level of presentation and at the same time distract from the weaknesses. Stupid only rarely goes on this Bill, because the rotation and focal point for a successful presentation is now even not in the software, but in the human interface, the human Appendix of presentation technology before the canvas. It’s called This being speaker, although it may not be exactly this. Through administration of PowerPoint mutated the speaker to the presenters, he pumped up with the Visual steroid hormone by Microsoft goes on the listeners”, Alexander Ross, co author of the grease Cup slalom for Manager know. In 30 days safely”. Joffe identifies the cause of the decline of the language but not in Redmond. Bill Gates do not have so much power: we stultify ourselves if we say nothing, but only talk. Or take bullet points on the wall. The bullshit ratio rising, because the torrent of words offers a good place to hide. Who avoids the sharpness, not offend, provoke any criticism. The basic issue is to minimize defensive or even aggressive reflexes. otherwise it costs customers and voters. Here is combined so marketing talk to political correctness. No one hurt, at least himself. LAU’s bathes well, into the foam even better. But blunt language blunts also the brain from the speaker as listener”, warns Joffe. See also:../PowerPoint-Schaumschlaeger-und-die-Qualen…pdf; magazin/artikel/0,2828,495097,00.html. More information under: for questions:. A message from the medienburo.Sohn. The medienburo.Sohn is responsible for the content.

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