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  • General Notes About Consumerism

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    Jan 17

    In developed countries where people have access to countless offers the widest range imaginable, where the only limitation is the income level of the individual or family group, there is growing concern for trying to guide people to can manage their finances and thus balance their hectic pace of expenditure with revenues obtainment.a society overall care of your credit because without it, literally disappear all kind of opportunities that are offered daily for those that fall within the definition of good payers.

    The harshness of this reality tells us that, whether a person has no credit, drive more effective than simply not exist, the absence in the records of credit controllers and the fact of having no background in this area prevents them from access to the system so that the person can move only within the limitations of its purchasing power in cash, will not have any other alternative under any circumstances. That for a high consumption society is one more reason for you to look, by all means, to maintain a reliable credit behavior. However, given the growing temptation of offers truly amazing, it is very common to live on the edge of the knife, the edge, contracting payment commitments can not be completed as scheduled amortization, which causes high additional costs on account of interests and the consequent restrictions on the realization of new loans in the future, which if obtained, will be at a disadvantage compared with those obtained previously. This situation has led to create real crisis of relationship in the family unit, one of the leading causes of breaking those links. .

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