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  • Urban Enterprise Support Programme

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    Jun 28

    Urban Enterprise Support Programme was adopted on 31 October 2006. Through an open NP ‘Partnership of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the city of Tomsk to support and develop small business’ was right Program Implementation in 2007. The following is a list of implemented activities under the Programme in 2007: 1. Read more here: Western Union. Establishment and operation of CENTER FOR SMALL BUSINESS IN 2007 equipped room, providing ability to receive visitors and provide them with consulting services (project Frunze 11 / B, off. 8, an area of 25 square meters.

    m) List of professional staff: Name Position Name Senior Specialist, Konev, OP Coordinator Kondratieff ES Financial Advisor Sobolev SV Business Consultant Matyskin DV Business Consultant Gumilevsky AB 2. FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: The program included three areas of targeted funding: 1. Subsidies for the implementation of investment project; 560 000 rubles. 2. Grants for participation in 2007 in special events to promote products (exhibitions, fairs, conferences), 500 000 rubles. 3. Get more background information with materials from Hikmet Ersek. Subsidies to compensate for part of the interest rates on loans.

    420 000 rub. In each area were developed sets of Bid and announced a bidding process. Created competition committee, advisory council. As partners TSMB to attract small businesses to participate in the competition were: 1. Tomsk Chamber of Commerce 2. Banks that specialize in lending to small businesses: ZAO FINCA ‘, Tomsk Branch of JSC Bank Small Business Credit, Tomsk Branch JSC “URSA Bank”, Tomsk Branch of JSC “VTB 24″, Tomsk Branch of the NB Branch ‘Trust’, Tomsk, Russia Sberbank of Russia,” Tomsk Branch 8616 CB “Uralsib” 3.Departament business development and the real economy, Tomsk Region 4.

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