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    Sep 21

    The catch is that the car order in English is not always possible – local taxi drivers do not own them. However, you can ask about the service from someone staff – the word "taxi" is understood throughout the world. In large cities there are specially designated for a taxi parked on the squares, at train stations, etc. For private owners do not seek another reason that in Italy every taxi driver must obtain a special license in the city administration, which is engaged in carting. If you hire an unlicensed carrier, you risk getting into trouble with the police and a fine of 500 to 800 euros. If taxi driver has a license, he can pass freely in any historical part of town and move to specially designated lanes for public transport, where there are no traffic jams. Besides, in case of accident, all passengers get insurance in the amount of 2,500,000 euros. Inside is licensed taxi plate on which are written quotation for travel.

    Prices are in German, English, Italian and French. But the address to which you have to deliver it is better to write on paper, because usually the Italian taxi drivers do not speak English. The fares in various cities in several different, but the average for the landing and the first three kilometers the way the customer pays about 2.3 euros for the next kilometers – about 0.5 euro per kilometer. If you call the car phone, the taxi driver take a supplement of 1.5 euros. And will have to pay for luggage – on average, it costs 1 euro. There is a 30% surcharge for driving at night – from 22 pm to 7 am, as well as surcharge for travel during weekends and public holidays – about 5 euros. However, prices tend to fluctuate and travel by taxi to the holiday would cost 2-2.5 higher than on weekdays.

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