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    Nov 25

    You were then instructed to hide the letter. It is known that it was given to one of the sons of the priest; that Cruz was referring in his matted novel, who fled to the South, and in 1823 was cruelly murdered in the back. The letter was found little information in documents and Scriptures of the Central archive and General library. The mission was then find the Charter; I empecine me to know of its existence. Filed under: Publishers Clearing House. By 1991, there were large amount of biographies, documentaries and books on the subject of independence. It was said that the priest had died childless; that he was never tortured; that before he died he had confessed in the bosom of the Catholic Church, same that subjected him to a terrible process of excommunication.

    False or incomplete information. With the hope of finding some vestige, I approached the family. To my surprise the grandmother had privileged information; told me of his father, his grandfather and other relatives. We identified the whereabouts of Benito, grandson of the priest, that whose father had been finalized in Chiapas. Then we discovered, that the grandson Benito, also disappeared, left, caring for her sisters, a son Joaquin, who lived in the village of San Francisco until twenty-six, age that moved to the city of Mexico. Joachim retained until his death in 1961, a world with possessions inherited by Benito, his father.

    It was a matter of time, it would soon conclude our search. The grandmother, commented that days before the death of his father Joaquin, this gave the world Michael, the eldest. IV?Reflects a bit, reassuring you. ?You think that I have to remain impassive. You’re friend and teacher. That doesn’t mean that you have the reason. I understand your ideas. Did perhaps not you realize? That life which you mean, llagada of apathy, feeds voraciously by everyday disdain and ruthless custom gladly swallowed much to my regret, much to regret yours.