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  • Main Advantages

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    May 20

    All plants to disinfect water and wastewater series of “Lazur-M” have the characteristics of the irradiation of microorganisms in line with international standards for more than 40 mJ / sm.kv that provides a high degree of disinfection virtually all types of microorganisms for the next 30 years, taking into account the ongoing adaptation of microflora to ultraviolet radiation. Really starting irradiance in plants to disinfect water and wastewater series of “Lazur-M” 65-70 mJ / sm.kv. All companies in Russia have the worst performance. 2. The real cost of installation for disinfecting drinking water and wastewater “Lazur-M” with comparable doses of UV radiation by 1.5-2 times lower than that of the LIT, EGA-XXI Age, Lapek etc. 3.

    Warranty period plant for disinfection of drinking water and waste water for at least 2 years, including all interchangeable elements: ultraviolet light and ultrasonic emitters and hosts. This is significantly higher than that of any company. 4. Simultaneous operation of UV (ultraviolet) and U.S. (ultrasonic) devices in the housing systems for disinfecting water and wastewater can reduce to 5-6 times the amount of chemicals if they are used by technology (Eg, swimming pools or other water recycling systems) .. And with the location of bactericidal plants after introduction of the disinfectant in place of the secondary chlorination significantly reduce the amount due effective despergirovaniya deziinfektanta ultrasound.

    5. Plants for the disinfection of water and wastewater does not require chemical cleaning, which is important for disinfection of wastewater with low transparency and high amount of suspended solids. (Similarly see: dean gibson). Installation of LIT need for transparency over 60% at 1 cm from UV radiation and no more than 2-3 mg / liter of suspended (ie, installing carbon filters, such as in Bratsk), and only if they are washed rare, but it is a very high cost. 6. Ultrasonic transducers effectively kill giardia cysts and oocysts kristosporidii (see parasitological MU 3.2.1757.03) and with UV light to ensure complete sterilization. At disinfection of wastewater by ultraviolet radiation only the required minimum dose – more than 65 mJ / sm.kv, and for disinfection of natural drinking water of at least 45 mJ / sm.kv. 7. Plants for the disinfection of drinking water and wastewater ultraviolet and ultrasound series of “Lazur-M” are lightweight and compact. They do not require special foundations (as in LITA), because the weight of each module, high performance water does not exceed 250 kg (LITA 4000 kg). 8. The modular design of the stations and waste water disinfection units of 500 cubic meters / hour economically more advantageous, because standby has a lower price than LTL. Also, if you reduce the amount of water at night can disable some modules Azure, which results in significant savings of electricity consumed. 9. Details can be found by clicking gibson dean or emailing the administrator. All modules for disinfection of water and waste water with ultraviolet light and ultrasound, “Lazur-M” assembled from easily replaceable units, which in Basically you can not even change completely disabling the installation. 10. All installations for disinfecting water and sewage by ultraviolet radiation and ultrasound series of “Lazur-M” have been thoroughly realistic certification in Russia and abroad, as evidenced by the relevant records and documents. Production Company “Svarog” certified under the international standard ISO 9001. 11. Production buildings, lamps, cabinets, etc. zadublirovany and equipped high-performance technology, which ensures short lead times. 12. All installations for disinfecting water and sewage by ultraviolet radiation from the use of ultrasound on the production run thoroughly tested in the assembled form, which ensures high reliability with minimal time expenses in the start-up mode at customers’ facilities.

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  • Asian Processing

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    Aug 18

    Extrusion – is a complex physical-chemical process that occurs under the influence of mechanical forces on condition of moisture and high temperature exposure. In the process of extrusion of soybean urease activity level is reduced to 0.1-0.2 units of pH, which can inactivate the anti-nutritious properties of this product to a safe level. The main technological properties full-fat extruded soybeans depend on processing temperature, residence time of the product in the cell media and preparation of soybean seeds. As a result of extrusion of 1 kg of soybean obtained additional exchange energy equivalent to 100 grams of vegetable oil, and highly available protein. This is a consequence of degradation of starch into simpler sugars, and short-term exposure to heat to the product, as well as cell gap membranes.

    Full-fat extruded soybeans is an ideal raw material for production of concentrates, as introduced in concentrate most importantly – low-cost energy and high-grade protein. Practically, adding soy vitamins minerals, amino acids and enzymes, can be highly protein-vitamin-mineral concentrate (a homogeneous mixture of high-protein fodder, mineral and dietary substances). If the farm has its own low-cost raw materials and the ability to mix the ingredients, the use of such concentrates can get in kormotsehov inexpensive, but high-quality feed and reach high levels of productivity. It is also possible thermal treatment of soybeans to produce soy tostirovannoy, thus there is a coagulation protein, resulting in enzymes lose their biochemical activity, disrupted the structure of cell walls and easier access to the contents of cells, which in turn facilitates digestion. If the soybeans will not pre-heat treatment, the nutritional value of soy would not be interest. Protein in soybean tostirovannoy full-fat – a complete, contains all the essential amino acids in optimal quantities.

    Soybean tostirovannaya full-fat is also a valuable component for all farm animals, especially young animals and poultry. These methods are much simpler than extraction or pressing, and can be effective in small volumes of processing. But Soy has a limited use, mainly the real value of soy products is ensured by its industrial processing. Another direction of processing of soybeans – is to get soy milk with a possible subsequent processing. The technological process of production of soy milk contains the following steps: Receiving whole grain soy beans. Cleaning and decortication – a film with the grain is removed mechanically, from soy to relieve binding effect and to avoid any contamination of the product. Grinding with water (extraction) – allows a natural way to dissolve all nutrients of soy. Filtering – allows you to remove all fibers. Heat treatment (sterilization) at very high temperatures in a very short period of time – you can save all the nutrients, to remove anti-trypsin and provide high nutritional value of the product. Getting the protein suspension – soy milk. Produce soy milk is extremely simple. In Asian countries, there are many ways to craft his production. However, much more difficult to produce in a continuous loop with regular milk flavor, and bakterialogicheskimi dietary properties. Dairy products from soybeans produced in a wide range. Various types of packaging, fruit and berry fillers, fat percentage in yogurt, etc. Further possible modifications of products, development of new formulations, etc.

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  • Internet Social

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    Feb 6

    A conception change becomes in the system of mediation of the new was of the communication and the field measured of them while dynamic element between some social fields. Tecnolgicouma is perceived today with the development legitimation of the order and the form of the structure of the medias as well as in the functioning way of the society. The mediation technique and the idea of communication in redefinition due to the constant impact of the technological innovations, fall again on form as the spectator starts to infer in social construction of the reality. Remembering that this construction passes to be molded by the system measured of them and to its promotion of socialization and integration of the individual in the society. The decurrent transformations of the process of computerization of the society, mainly with the advent of the Internet, establish new conceptions of space and time, social convergence of nets and systems. Ciberespao starts to also redefine the sociability form human being. The globalization, the easiness of connection, the access to the knowledge and the idea of participation of the virtual communities are other examples of social modifications that if they reflect in the convergences of the medias.

    One perceives that the digital age provides a present potentiality in the social relations. This also is observed in the influence of the technological devices in the identity and the communication between the people, for the new established forms of relationship in a proper cultural context. The Internet has revolutionized the world of the computers and the communications as no technological invention it had made before. This new technology is presented at the same time, as a mechanism of dissemination of the information and world-wide spreading and a way for contribution and interaction between individuals and its computers, independently of its geographic localization. To understand this new technology better it can be presented some vises on the origins and the history of the Internet.

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  • Offline Radios

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    Feb 3

    It can be heard some spots, musics, and only be read some iformaes on the sender, however it cannot affirm that estao connected, therefore the Internet only functions as media, being that the programming content is not extended in fact to the computer. Already the Online radios, different of the Offline system, not only perpassam for the computer the programmings made in the conventional radios (dial), as well as any programmings made in the proper Internet. It does not have necessarily the obligatoriness of an sender to exist in the real space, that is, can exist only in ciberespao. Other already mentioned group is the netrdios. This is characterized for being radios existing and only developed paraa Internet. The netradios possess only this new structure of inherent radiofnica lnguagem the Internet.

    They are these considered emitting of radio virtual. An advantage of the netradios is the fact not to precissarem of license, since they are bred radios specifically for the net. The model of the webrdio In the Internet, the radio congregates music, information and advertising, in parallel with other components as static animaes, images or in movement. The new supports allow the introduction of components (graphical, written tables, photographs, texts, images of video) that they complement the information disponibilizada for the way. This aspect goes to compel to an adaptation to this new form to communicate, with resources that go to allow to produce a message more complete. This new conception of radio in the Internet it can redefine the proper concept of radio, for the possibilities that the listener will not obtain to find in the traditional format and for the diffusion of the emissions in global way. In the webrdio the radiofnica language presents-senum half essentially visual. The hearing now depends on the graphical quality of its site, to attract the visitors. The new systems of diffusion for the radio, develop new forms and expectations.

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  • Feb 3

    The research pointed that the primordial and important quality is the objetividade, the personalized interaction with the followers, notice and links. These groups must use to advantage the chance and study of close everything what the users argue and quetionam. Beyond creating an important bond with the white public, fact that does not happen currently with the majority of the groups of notice. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Thredup on most websites. The impacts of the Internet in the journalistic practical companies and had been potencializados with the popularizao of web 2.0. The envolvement of common citizens, before considered mere readers, in the publication and edition of journalistic contents if has become practical one each more common time. To this trend the concept of Participativo Journalism, Journalism Citizen or same Open-Source Journalism are attributed. It is important that the groups of notice do not create an account of user in the Twitter poque to the other had only made it competitors, will have to exist a planning before this action that will raise strong and weak points, threats and chances. The analysis will have to point if the group must act in a platform Web 2,0 will be really interesting.

    Beyond everything the content could not be only one copy of the content of the traditional way is it electronic printed matter or. An employee will have to be responsible for adapting and creating tweets beyond establishing real interaction with the followers, beyond reporting anseior and perceptions of these users to the group of notice, creating a connection between the company and the public. When a company faces the possibilities of Web 2,0, makes direct contact with its public, in a more accidental climate. Web 2,0 offers to a more direct line and confiel of what any another way that came before. Web 2,0 is not only blogs, can be one podcast, a video a infinity of tools gifts in the life of the user of the Internet today.

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  • Brazilians

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    Jan 31

    Most of the accesses if of the one in paid places, as the LAN house (28%) and in house (23%). About 48% of the Brazilians of classroom C they have access to the Internet, and majority of these internautas has access in LAN house. The classrooms and the B also have access sufficiently in LAN house. In accordance with this research, the socioeconmicos factors and the regional inaqualities still are main the determinative ones of the access to the Internet in Brazil. Hikmet Ersek usually is spot on. How much bigger the income and the escolaridade, greater the access. Thus, richer regions have more access. As the use of the Internet is conditional for the partner-economic situation, the individuals younger than withhold greater escolaridade level and greater income presents more possibilities to keep the frequent use of the Internet. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Western Union on most websites. The divulged survey sample despite the main reason for the majority of the young internautas, 39% of the interviewed ones, to use the Internet is the information.

    Questioned on the habit to insert content in the Internet, 58% of the young declare already to have inserted either a text, a photo, a music or one has filmed. However, the majority costuma not to complain on a product or service online. About 94% of the interviewed ones they use the Internet to become related. Between the young, the half ones more used for this end are MSN the Orkut. After the social nets, the biggest virtual interactions are the insertion of commentaries in small farms of notice. These data also confirm the net as second bigger media of mass of Brazil, what online would justify more investments in the media. Of this form, to study the appropriations of the new technologies for this group at a moment where if the consolidation of the cibercultura lives can helping in them to understand the importance of the new ways for its social performance, and also, in case that it were the objective of this work, to point trends of behavior of future social groups that, to judge for the current perspectives, will make use each more intense time of the new technological resources. But following the methodology of Castells, it is better not to point the future and yes to understand the gift.

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  • So Paulo

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    Jan 29

    The groups of notice cited they go of great corporations as CNN and BBC to the groups of lesser notice as the Leaf of So Paulo and the Way & Message. Dynamic, objective messages and the previous knowledge of the group of notice are the main reasons so that the interviewed ones decide to follow one another user. With regard to what it dislikes the interviewed ones and stimulates that them to leave to follow a group of notice the answers they had been homogeneous. The interviewed ones had affirmed that she is necessary to have a balance, not to pastor meiosis tweets at the same time, so that they all do not occupy the available space in the page as presentation in figure 2.3. To be long periods without postage’s also influences of negative form. To lose the objectivity, with great messages that receive the signal from ellipses in the end they are ignored, the models of headings teasers does not attract them. It is necessary that they together elaborate a concise sentence in 140 characters with the main information with link for the complete notice.

    Asked if they knew the groups of notice before following them in the Twitter, the interviewed ones in its majority already knew the groups of notice and this factor was important in the hour of the decision of would follow or not. But they admit that they had known for the tool new groups of notice that desperate the interest, many times for indications of other enclosed users in the cycle of friendships of the tool. They had admitted that before twitter they visited the site of these groups with an extremely lesser frequency. On the interaction with these groups of notice most of the interviewed ones is not communicated directly with the groups.

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