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    Oct 3

    BEFORE : molded especially to attract the customers, it is convincing and soft; thus: ) it sees that quality, that variety of models, that finishings b) observes the colors and the consequences; it delays the time that to want, is to will c) now sees the prices, the discountings, the conditions, the stated periods of financing d) know that we give a guarantee of fast assembly and efficient in its house e) it also has the covering of insurance against any accident or problem. f) compares how many advantages, against the little that the competitors offer to g) you will be under the protection of our name! h) and still the manufacter’s warranty one of the best ones of the world! i) You if will not repent; he is closing optimum business of its life! Second it is the face of LATER : created to deal with unsatisfied customers and difficult claims to deal; it goes moving of tone to the few, thus: j) we go to provide k quickly) has a little of patience! l) never we promise a thing of these! m) the manufacturer only is that it knows; we only vendemos! n) ah, does not go to give in less of one week! ) already we made everything what we could! ) another time Mr.? q) does not annoy me! finally, the extreme face: r) ah, is? Then it wants to know of a thing? it goes to complain where to want, with procon, with the bishop, the ray breaks that it we do not accept violations! I go to call the security! Coming back to the password, the interviewer found that I had face of bonzinho, requests, prestativo; that would be capable to convince my customers to take what vendia I; therefore, I was for the group of the green password. . .

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  • Brandina Owner

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    Dec 29

    The last rays of the sun were disappearing when they had sighted the old house. Elma passes for the tree imagining as it would be the return, since the night was next, but its bigger concern was with the neighbor, who also was its friend. They had beaten to the door and nobody answered. The chest of Elma ached again. They had beaten for the second time and a weak voice, almost imperceptible, asked for that they entered. The white hair and the bending coasts of Brandina Owner were on the bed.

    It was cooled e, without many forces, decides to lie down more early and not to visit the friend, as of custom, not to get worse. The heart of Elma jumped, of this time of joy, when seeing that it was well. Brandina owner, exactly liking very the visit, did not understand, after all only leaves to visit Elma an only day. The scare had past, but the fear took account of Elma when in its thought the imagination brought the tree again, the children, the rocks, the chains, the return. She was necessary to come back. Its children waited for them. The long one I hug in Brandina Owner he transmitted the fear that Elma felt and provoked a sigh of the old followed lady of one ' ' They go with God! ' ' the couple followed for the soil road of lugarejo of enchantments, beauties and mysteries. Elma almost did not sight the tree, therefore the blackout had if in charge hiding it almost completely, and its imagination now brought to the thought children, house, and thus, with the fear giving place to the relief, under the tree, in the way of the blackout, finally sighting to far the light of its house, catches in the hand of the husband and says: – We go, Ivo! The husband answers, not to worry the wife, only that some meters to the front: – I am here!

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  • Feb 4

    Pointing the photograph in question to direct my intent look. She was Aunt. Only sister of some of my parents I do not remember which of them well. As my mother said, in war times the origin of the allies is not asked. It was enough to me to know that Aunt meant aid during the transit of difficulties that we had to face. Requisite attention to during, therefore Aunt was adept to the filantropia.

    All the moment notified, quantitatively, the size of its aid to the others; for example, how much money had left its hand to give toys to some children who, pobrezinhas, the least had had joy at that moment. In other words, it if it considered the personificao of the spirit nobility and attitudes. Problem had in the fact of that, it was an insect or a person, its feeling of mercy was the same. We also were its insects for a time. Strange world where the inclusion of a null number again makes the tranquility to become fluid itself

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