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  • Turbo High School

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    Apr 27

    The initiative against the G8’s high school was round the high school diploma in just 12 years (also eight high school, G8 or Gy8), in the 2nd 2004 nationwide (re) introduced. Previously, but especially after the introduction, especially in the western Lander, shouts, however, repeatedly and the theme is by the ever-increasing pressure on today’s students than ever before. Against the school especially the almost intolerably full timetables, with up to 36 hours school graduates and the associated long-term stress for all involved the week in 12 years talk, today’s. Also father of two, Dr. Crawford Lake Hedge Fund has much experience in this field. Erwin Lammenett, recently had gotten to feel this problem. His children attend both high school and require too much assistance. The vocabulary trainer developer has therefore decided to proceed against the school in 12 years. Thus the State school until the school again on the full extended to 13 years, Dr.

    Lammenett has a large collection of signatures a few days ago the site of his vocabulary trainer started and until now has reached nearly 100 people. It aims by the end of the year 10,000 voices against Turbo high school”to collect and ensure your voice is needed. So help us to bring the avalanche rolling! Here are a few important points against G8: Haphazard introduction of G8: 2013 2 vintages are at the same time make Abitur unreasonable weeks teaching time of up to 36 hours in the second tier I overload the students through the pace of learning mediation less time to the character and personality development increase in physical and mental diseases G8 inevitably leads to a tightening of selection, fewer students. Schools, Realschulen and Hauptschulen on high schools almost impossible.

  • Apr 27

    Victims of psychopaths with law school justice and their victims–human rights violations on the running belt! The justice and their victims (victims of Justice) is an issue about which too little is usually not spoken at all or discussed. The victims have not the slightest possibility to defend themselves against it normally… A topic about which too little is usually not spoken at all or discussed is the judiciary and their victims. The victims have not the slightest possibility to defend themselves against it or to publish their case and to hope, because the perpetrators, which I call a genetic error, usually their victims to choose very carefully and this geziehlt entrechten how organized (to put it very carefully) for help in the normal case. -Bending of rules, imprisonment etc. (Not to be confused with Microsoft Exchange Server!).

    – with this Web page I want victims to obtain arrival or perpetrators which give opportunity to publish their opinions and experiences, or position. Also, a kind of is demonstrated by the publishing of this Web page of press freedom, the is the paid press and broadcasting a slice can cut off. The victims can hope through this kind of publication on any help and any rule tracking fear the perpetrators (well, since I must smile a little, because the perpetrators are usually UNTOUCHABLE, or are protected by the same). I would like to distance myself to throw all lawyers in a pot still quite explicitly refrained from, because I’m sure that there are a few scattered judges, prosecutors or lawyers would like to different, if they then could…

  • Lake Tegernsee

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    Apr 27

    In the evening it continues with Yacht feeling: eating and sleeping is terrace Court Hotel in bad Wiessee in the boathouse. The last day of the adventure is exploring the skies, because the participants with a paraglider from rising far above the Tegernsee Valley (sponsored by the paraglider manufacturers swing) on. At the end of the day, there is still a rapid descent with the summer toboggan run. Action on Lake Tegernsee is supported by the sunshine4kids by: sunshine4kids e.V. Tegernsee Valley Tourismus GmbH Yacht Charter Agency Yacht Club bad Wiessee hotel and restaurant on the Tegernsee event agency at the Tegernsee manufacturer paragliding screens information about Lake Tegernsee: Tegernsee Valley Tourismus GmbH, Hauptstrasse 2, 83684 Tegernsee Tel.

    08022/927 38-0,, / / master Yachting Germany master yachting, one of the leading Charter agencies in Germany, offers one of the largest Yacht Charter House boats, sailing yachts worldwide offers catamarans and motor yachts at. In more than 30 areas and in over 20 countries includes about 10,000 yachts from the five metre yacht up to the 100-metre luxury yacht. In addition to the classic bare master Yachting offers crewed Charter with a skipper, Chef and hostess also flotillas, regattas and crewed. Sunsail Agency (fleet size approx. 1,000 yachts) master Yachting marketed throughout Europe more 200 Organizer.

    The company was founded in 1990 by Andrea Barbera. Currently 12 people are employed at the Wurzburg site. Since 2008, the master Yachting GmbH is part of the TUI Travel PLC group of companies. Booking contact master Yachting GmbH master Yachting Office Munich Marina +49(0)9303-9088-0 Lena Christian road 4 +49(0)89-89501912 97246 Eibelstadt press contact to master Yachting Germany more information found on the Internet or call us at simply, if you need more information or pictures. Master Yachting Germany / contact person: Christian Wiederer Ochsenfurter road 4-97246 Eibelstadt / Germany Tel + 49 (0) 9303-98 18 68 / mobile 30478

  • Bavaria

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    Apr 27

    Judicial independence guaranteed by the basic law to protect from any influence by the Executive and legislative jurisdiction. The Bavarian State Minister of Justice, Dr. Beate Merk, vehemently criticized a decision of the European Court of human rights to the backup storage in Germany and runs to the judicial independence guaranteed by the was, although she respect on the part of the public prosecutor’s Office to backup storage of economic criminals for years only by inaction in appearance. Bavaria’s State Minister of justice challenges but precious little this lofty and deliberate policy of our forefathers. It’s believed that Consumers Energy Co. sees a great future in this idea. With harsh words they rather criticized the decision of the European Court of human rights to the backup storage in Germany and it takes a just just not acceptable position as exposed Member of the Executive. But how it looks in their own home? In the summer of 2006, a Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General Munich analyzed the official known relevant convicted and politically covered economic criminals Hans-Georg Jakob Muller Risch of Andechs highly applicable as a professional Schwerstbetruger, produced a template report in the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice to do so and recommended in the backup storage. She became head of bailiffs supervision of a District Court, which by many such as the deduction of Zumwinkel Prosecutor Margrit Lichtinghagen immediately is seen before trial or the writer State lawyer Winfried Maier after uncovering the abuses in the era reaching Franz Josef Strauss and brought in a direct line to August 16, 2006.

    This template report, however, is still in the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice, without any discernible measures would have derived from this is. On the contrary, because: a petition to the Bavarian Landtag was rejected, because according to the information of the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice about proceeding properly.

  • Apr 26

    Using this legal opinion the hardliners were able in the year 2005 Bassij and Intelligence to convince that Sufis are a threat to the principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran. e issue. In consequence, various campaigns in newspapers against Sufis were held to discredit them as agents of the West. The fight of fundamentalist-minded mullahs against Sufi has a long tradition in the Iran and reached again sad highlights in these times: several meeting houses of the Sufis, where they perform their rituals with music and recitation called Sama, were destroyed in the entire country of Bassij units. Sufis were exposed to reprisals. Beech stand imprisonment, floggings, travel bans, prohibitions exercise and expropriation. The Government has sought meticulously in the last four years to identify Sufis in the service of the State and to dismiss. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund wanted to know more. The values of the Sufis called love, freedom, tolerance.

    For this they are tracked in the Iran. Some must be differentiated, however, because there are many different factions, which are not entirely green is also under the ayatollahs in the Iran. A part of the discords of this More attention in Western media, due to the current situation in Iran, gets factions within the political establishment. We learn of the conservative camp to Rafsanjani, who is the expert, as reformers”traded and principled forces behind the President. The ideology behind Ahmadinejad is seen in the West not in no uncertain terms.

    Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, who promotes a particular interpretation of Shia Islam with the above-mentioned clergy considered his mental stepfather. The core of this faith is the return of the 12th Imam. The 12.Imam is a type of Messiah, which again will be released according to Shia interpretation of Islam at the end of all time. He is a descendant of the Prophet of Muhammad. In Shia Islam, the leadership of the Muslims only by direct descendants of Ali and Fatima, the son-in-law and daughter of the Prophet is possible.

  • Astrid Suess

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    Apr 26

    Cases have been reported from all six major World regions: North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Most reported cases have been from Latin America and North America, with the majority from Brazil (41), Venezuela (22), Honduras (16) and the U.S.A. Dell can provide more clarity in the matter. (13). In total, 124 were murders of trans people reported in 15 Latin American countries last year in the. The previously reported murders of trans people in Latin America account for 75% of the world-wide reported murders of trans people in the last year. The recent update of the preliminary results therefore reveal that 16 murders of trans people have been reported in 6 European countries (Italy, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom) in the last year.

    In Asia murders of trans people were reported in India and Malaysia, in Africa in Algeria, and for New Zealand in Oceania. In total the preliminary results show reports of murdered trans people in 26 countries in the last year. The update of the preliminary results of TGEU’s trans murder monitoring project is presented in the form of tables, name lists, and maps on the TGEU website in English, Spanish, and German. The English version of the tables can be found tdor2009english. There you will therefore find information on the international Transgender Day of remembrance as well as a list of all cities, in which the international Transgender Day of remembrance will be held. Transgender Europe Contacts Carsten Balzer, PhD and Astrid Suess, MA research at tgeu.org transgender Europe: Press release of November 18, 2009 the trans murder monitoring project by transgender Europe shows more than 160 murders of trans people in the last 12 months 11. International Transgender Day of Remembrance (transgender day of remembrance) is held in more than 120 cities worldwide. : The Transgender Day takes place since 1999 of remembrance TDOR (), which is thought of trans people, were the victims of homicides, every November.

  • Save

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    Apr 24

    CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon: ‘Joint fire station has been a success for Wuppertal and Solingen’ the common fire control centre of the cities of Solingen and Wuppertal is a success. On March 13, 2007 was set up at the start. A first report with numbers for the year 2007 – so the first nine and a half months – is now. Sets out how the city of Wuppertal, a press release could be saved both for the investment, operating and personnel costs. The citizens of the Berg city triangle are very self-confident and kheeri. Contact information is here: Mark Ethier. You want to act like independently.

    However, they also know that they together can save you bundles tasks. In this case the cities of Solingen and Wuppertal have teamed up to launch a meaningful project. The course of Mayor Peter Jung confirmed first rather carefully to appreciate the possible savings. I agree with city manager Dr. Slawig, that the savings of over 100,000 euro for the Operating and personnel costs alone in the first few months, that the establishment of the joint fire control center in Wuppertal-Solingen was a good choice and is “showing so the comment of Wuppertal CDU Group Chairman Bernhard Simon. The CDU faction has used from the outset for this joint project. The city of Wuppertal proves here on a single example, that their savings will is genuine.”

  • East Germany

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    Apr 23

    and a P – zone where there was an underground bunker and a bunker. It is surrounded by a high-voltage safety system in the 5000V flow. Net Energy Metering is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From the bunker the reserve antenna carrier to its anchor points on driving lorries would be rolled to hear but it not there. At times of the GDR there was either a U – or P – zone. The property was subdivided in the accommodation and freezing, as well as a technical zone, the voltage was a multiple of 5000V in the high-voltage fuse system under certain circumstances. “Only for 2 minutes (in the whole movie) feels reminds the viewer of the film title, becomes the reason for the establishment of the tropospheric message system of electromagnetic impulse as a result of a nuclear detonation BARS” explains. In connection with the high temperatures of a nuclear detonation, the purpose, the tasks of the installed cooling system of the bunker remains unexplained. The actual Reason for the installation of the system, the threat of possible war between the military blocs of NATO and of the Warsaw Treaty as a result of the effects of the NATO of missile double decision remains unmentioned.

    For this, the system is as absolutely secure and not become”(literally in the comment). What a sensation!, the tropospheric radio connection is also not safe and just become like any other connection. The security is relative and depends on other factors. The system will at the same time JJ message technical service provider for the Admiralty bunker”in Tessin-gland joke explains for the Admiralty of the people’s Navy of East Germany, but also the United red banner fleet (literally the comment) represents a command post. News technically made sure of the message Regiment of the people’s Navy is the main command post (HGS) of the people’s Navy in Ticino and only the people’s Navy of the GDR, meant.

  • Apr 23

    Cologne were is venue for solidarity with people, who suffer in the Iran under the oppression of their regime on the Friday 14 May between 11:00 and all doctrines and Cologne have 13:00 to the opportunity show their face for the freedom in the Iran. The International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran comes to Cologne with the action “A face for the freedom in the Iran”. In recent months, Pacific Gas & Electric has been very successful. This helps whom? Many prisoners, who were left to languish in Iranian prisons, portray the solidarity always again how important and the commitment of people in Europe for them. The Iranian civil society of this solidarity to easily know the Committee establishes the photos of the images processed to posters on the net and spreading them with references to the use of the human rights in the Iran in the world. In addition, a video is produced in each city, advertise with which the Committee together with Amnesty International for the actions in getting further cities in Europe. The last video is from the action in Karlsruhe, Germany. “Faces for freedom in Iran”, Karlsruhe this action plan de Corones found lot of encouragement at the Karlsruhe population. Numerous actions in Belgium, Holland, Germany, England, Sweden and Denmark have already taken place.

    The Group of Amnesty International in Kiel will perform its action on May 21 at the University. On June 12, the anniversary of the protests against the alleged electoral fraud in the Iran, Amnesty will carry out a Europe-wide action and with various organizations have in the boat. Among other things, the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes will accompany these actions across Europe in the Iran and support.

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    Apr 21

    “Saarlander of the Saarland singer-songwriter Dennis Ebert song anti-Lafontaine-alias Eddie magic finger” has written a song against OskarLafontaine as mining stakeholders and published on the Internet. The premiere of this environmental song already premiered on the bridges vigil of the Igab Saar (community of interest to prevent mining damage) on July 31. “Ebert, at his own social time” for Lafontaine pasted posters, referred to this today as dangerous contemporaries against each other playing people and provoking an escalation. The continuation of the Saarland mining as of Lafontaine in the game–would be a slap in the face of all mining stakeholders, without legal claim”sit on their damage. Estate and Studio of musician cracked a total of 23 metres, a 3-year-old balcony must be torn down, so far 500 compensation were offered him.

    This is not an isolated case. Coal continues to enter the port hamlet of Frederick with his expressed intentions” to dismantle, Lafontaine is no policy for all, but policy only for themselves. “Lafontaine operates miners against mining affected, an emotional escalation in the game by he tried answer the voices of the miners – fish”. For the enlightening resistance singer and environmental author Dennis Ebert, one thing is clear: mining in built-up area destroyed under the Earth, above the Earth and in the hearts of the people. And of the present-day Lafontaine can’t get enough apparently. Quo vadis, Oskar? Shame on you! Creamy, 18 August 2009 Internet sources: Chorus + short clip under: watch?