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  • Burberry Coats

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    Sep 29

    Leather jackets are extremely original role in our clothes. They are the outsiders – because that is often out of leather jackets in your wardrobe is very ponosheny, but all the couturiers in their stunning collections not do without the luxury of leather jackets or coats. After all, in fact, the skin – very comfortable, good socks and beautiful material for jackets. And articles of wood are your most favorite for many years, they are subject to frequent admiration of friends and strangers and people you emphasize your status. Learn more about this with Miles Bridges. You've probably realized that it is only about the higher-quality leather jackets. In autumn and winter coats this year will be very fashionable for women and for men. Major design houses such as Gucci, Prada and Burberry, paid much attention to his new sheepskin coat collections.

    Moreover, even other items of outerwear this season pretend sheepskin coats – lined sheepskin used in denim jackets and coats made of camel hair. However, this trend seems to be too daring to be truly mainstream. This unusual clothes should fit the common image of man and his self-awareness. Of course, in vogue are still the classic coats and natural tones. Such a sheepskin coat, in contrast to its extravagant fellow, fit for everyone. Qualitative thing this plan will cost expensive, but believe me, it would be a good investment, she really deserves it.

    This is not a trend one year from the age of classic sheepskin is only better, without losing its beauty and status. The biggest of sheepskin into this season – certainly in the collection of Burberry. Designers houses John Varvatos, Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo, Acne and YSL have also supported the general trend, showing on the podium a number of interesting and original men's sheepskin. In addition to the remarkable appearance, these models have the advantages of any good coats: they are warm, comfortable and very well help to keep warm in the dank autumn or freezing winter weather. In general, the trend suggested by the best fashion houses, looks tempting, and certainly will be supported by smaller manufacturers. So even those who can not afford designer sheepskin coat, will look for this season actually.

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  • Four Seasons

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    Mar 24

    Man – this is a unique creation of nature. And for nature characteristic of the seasons. And, just like nature, we are changing ourselves. We are always pleased with the coming of spring, and with her arrival, we feel the rush of vitality and new energy. We look look forward to seeing the summer to relax and fill with warm themselves by the sun. And then comes autumn, and we like fades, wakes up the desire to rest. After the fall, winter knocks on the window and we, again obeying nature, become less active, we want to sleep longer. But then again, spring, new feelings and emotions! In the world of jewelry as there is seasonality.

    This means that each season correspond to certain jewelry, but rather their materials, shapes, colors. For spring jewelry is characterized by simplicity and elegance of lines. In the predominantly soft, pastel colors. In such jewelry is best combined a brilliant and frosted glass, transparent minerals, and small beads. The absence of such ornaments of metal beads and adapters, making them visually more easily. They look unobtrusive, thus adding to your spring, romantic dress.

    In the summer jewelry traced the use of natural materials: iridescent mother of pearl, light wood, shiny metal, sisal, flax, silk air. As well as plastic of all colors. Jewelry this season can be easy and heavy, flavorful and somewhat careless. But most importantly, they should be bright and cheerful as the summer. Fall decorations are different dark colors, forms large, warm and heavy materials such as suede, fur, felt, wool, glass, minerals. In such jewelry may contain beads of large metal or plastic imitation bronze, copper, silver, gold. These beads are transforming decoration and say that autumn is not so miserable time. Jewellery designed in strict winters, exquisite colors, as well as complemented by sparkling elements. They are materials such as pearls, metals, stones, Swarovski crystals, iridescent beads from Czech glass. Jewelry made of such materials are expressive and they are caught by the snow theme. Winter – this time the light and festive mood. This distinction should not be taken literally, it is too generalized. So, try on courageous liked to decorate with your favorite dresses. Just so you can appreciate how beautiful and harmonious decoration will look with your clothes, and fit yourself. Choosing the right jewelry emphasizes style and taste of its owner.

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