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  • Langenhagen Day

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    Oct 13

    The night & day global courier logistics Ltd. informed for most companies, the fair is a good opportunity to recommend new customers to present themselves to the public and to stand out from the competition. The individual exhibit requires both much creativity as also an optimum and faultless implementation. Introducing new technologies or effective stage shows are often implemented with great technical effort. When it comes to a technical breakdown here, the entire show is compromised and the reputation of the company may be permanently damaged. The technical courier of the courier service of night & day global courier logistics Ltd. By the same author: hein park capital.

    from Langenhagen is your insurance for the smooth appearance and is there for you when it matters. It must be traded quickly not only in pompous stage shows also in product launches, the technology plays a supporting role, presentations and lectures. The months-long planning may have been in vain due to the smallest defect. If a technical defect detected will, must be traded immediately. Even with highly trained technical staff, it can happen that devices are no longer to repair and must be replaced. The solution provides the technical courier by night & day for this problem.

    The new device will be delivered via express delivery not only at your booth, the courier also ensures the smooth exchange and the installation of the device. Thus, you are instructed on no technical support. Their optimum trade fair appearance is nothing in the way. For detailed information about all services is the courier service of night & day global courier logistics Ltd. from Langenhagen at any time at the disposal. Press contact night & day global courier logistics Ltd.

  • Apr 8

    A round thing for any marketing strategy: CDs, DVDs and co. People such as Consumers Energy Co. would likely agree. of CD information for advertising and marketing, they are a real hit: CDs and DVDs as promotional material. For CD information, the well-known CD service providers from Gutersloh, they are also a big hit, as a good deal. For years the Ostwestfalen offer DVDs and CDs as advertising, customers in all industries it thank you and itself successfully use the round (and also angular) plastic discs as marketing and advertising. These satisfied customers now also small business count to yourself, because the CD production in small series, features information being one of the few CD service providers, already advertising from a mini Edition of 10 pieces to order CDs and DVDs! This is not self-evident, many competitors of Informas can not so far down go into production at a number of the CD. Alone by his many years of experience and good contacts in the industry, Informa Gutersloh can edit prompt even the smallest requests. Of course production in small series is one that the CD usual great service package continues to. So, the quality blanks at the CD pressing plant are manufactured and printed with a refreshment in a further value creation step by Informa in Gutersloh.

    This is done in the course of the CD production in small series by digital printing. The subsequent packaging of the CDs or DVDs is on offer at Informa. How can choose from foil pouch, Slimcase or jewel case and also the shipping of the finished package, directly to the recipient who can advertising CDs take different types of packaging, Informa. CDs and DVDs can be now available for small businesses, young bands and music groups, and many others to the true racer!

  • Apr 8

    Moreover, the LeadPeople team in the past has proven impressively that it understands what growth.” The minds behind LeadPeople: Michael Louis (managing partner) is entrepreneur and brings 25 years experience across diverse industries. In 1993, he founded the software company MarketSoft. in 2001, MarketSoft merged with the American company, Mindjet, the developer of the software MindManager. Michael Louis is co-founder of current Mindjet Corporation. As responsible for the entire business in the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) he contributed in the years 2001 to 2007 contribution to the world’s leading provider for mindmapping software Mindjet.

    Under his leadership, Mindjet regularly reached 2 to 3-digit sales growth, and expanded to the entire world. Michael Louis was the title of Entrepreneur of the year 2004 (Area ICT) awarded. In 2005, the company under his leadership to the 50 was named the fastest growing company. Michael Louis the areas growth capital, management and sales support is responsible for at LeadPeople. Mark Muschelknautz (managing partner and Managing Director) started his career in various advertising agencies.

    He studied international management at business schools in the country and abroad. He will continue his career in Australia with the confectionery manufacturer of Gran’s fudge in the area of marketing and sales promotion. From 1999 he is at the German House ISM GmbH as head of marketing. He accompanied this as the company of matrix42 AG finally almost 10% market share in Germany. 2004 was Muschelknautz Director Marketing EMEA at the US software manufacturer from Mindjet, later he was responsible for worldwide field marketing. Leading, on the marketing page, he was responsible for planning and carrying out the expansion in over 10 European countries. Mark Muschelknautz is at LeadPeople responsible for the overall strategy and all marketing-related services Albrecht Ackermann (managing partner) is a specialist in online marketing and E-commerce. He started his career in advertising agencies in the area of application development. Between 1991 and 1996 he produced the first interactive computer presentations, including innovative concepts for Daimler, Lancaster, Procter & gamble, SGZ-Bank and Deutsche Bank. With the US software manufacturer Mindjet Ackermann is since 2000 for the construction of the Mindjet online commerce, and CRM infrastructure. He also established the global search engine marketing for the company. Albrecht Ackermann leads the overall development, as well as the areas of E-business and CRM projects at LeadPeople.

  • Managing Director

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    Mar 18

    The temporary work industry is booming again. Munich, 5th of July 2011 – when compared to the same period last year, industry associations reported 25 percent growth. Staffing companies are still facing great challenges, because they find not enough qualified applicants. The orders in are is risen so sharply in recent months, sought particularly qualified personnel for metal and electrical workers. In addition, there are great waves of acquisition on the part of the customer, take over the temporary workers into permanent staff.

    And still, the industry has an image problem, because more than 50,000 vacancies could be filled immediately. With factoring staffing companies can gain a competitive edge in the fight for good”, reported Matthias Bommer, Managing Director of the Vantargis factoring. The companies guarantee the liquidity through the sale of their assets, salaries can be paid on time and implemented additional measures to the employee retention.” The additional services for which might for example bonuses, Retirement or continuing education programs. How factoring in the temping works, shows the following practice. AZ temporary work relies on factoring for extracting liquidity Oliver Muller (name changed by editors) founded his own staffing company 2007. Many years he was a Dispatcher at a recruitment agency before, he knew the needs of customers and the specific characteristics of the market. We provide mainly personnel from the commercial sector, but also skilled workers, for example, for the electrical industry.” Important, Muller is employee retention, because good employees are quickly recruited before the competition.

    In contrast to other companies each employee receives sick pay in case of illness, training opportunities and additional services with us for retirement”, says the Managing Director. Oliver Muller reached a strong customer loyalty, because often companies ask for same employees with whom they have had good experiences. It was hard, funding for the Foundation phase in the phase of establishing a financing to find.

  • Dec 31

    KOGNITIVA offers new training: sell about understanding the purchasing decisions according to other criteria. The contact persons are not always known, soft factors are more difficult to compare, the arguments attack worse and often conditions need to be renegotiated. How is the shopping the ticking of? How do you deal with it? The here offered seminar serves as a preparation of this growing situation, to get a better understanding of the other side, and to be able to proceed effectively and responsibly. Central questions, which among other things be clarified: what are the purchasing procedures of purchasing departments as tick, what changed for you specifically what it is each and every one: Department, purchasing, supplier what are current negotiation methods feels like it is on to tell you how to get yourself on the other side a systematic access to the buyers your concrete action plans this seminar takes a day. Siemens has compatible beliefs. He highlights the addressed each situation from different perspectives.

    Each Session begins with a brief theoretical input, and then integrates the experiences of the participants. Some aspects are trained together, so many insights and actions you can take at the end. Target group are sellers, project manager and manager involved in the interface between sales and purchase Department. The seminar is more information with documents and photo documentation highlighted. For more specific information, check out Amazon. The cost amounted to 1.490.-including materials plus tax and expenses. The number of participants is limited to 10. Format deviations are possible for more information after consultation we are gladly available. Speakers: Kurt Schlaphof has worked for many years as a Manager in the medium-sized software industry and acquired international projects and managed. He got to know that practically many levels (marketing, engineering, purchasing) and integrates this knowledge in his approach, understand and learn better and free with each other of the work and to be successful.

  • Dec 31

    In Germany, corporate succession is always a topical issue. A current example of how it can run, but should not be corporate succession here in Germany always a topical issue. Here a current example, as it can run, but should not be our client had bought in early 2007 the company where he worked previously as an employee, his boss for round 500,000.00. The chef, so the clear agreement in the notary contract, no longer committed itself in the industry working, but its actually well-deserved retirement to enjoy. So far, so good you might think. Unfortunately diligently continued the ex-boss of our client’s existing customers and did all the work in black”under the hand for prices that our client could possibly beat.

    After consulting with his lawyers, he expressed this suspicion that we were switched on and observed the ex-boss of our client’s seven days, with three detectives each twelve hours a day and “so not only eleven were different construction sites, including the principal and, in three cases visually document (photo / video) also the transfer of cash, but even a current employee transferred our principal who worked full time, and provided him immediately with details of current customers and construction sites of our client’s vacation for the ex-boss”. The lawyers of our client’s in the meantime switched the Labour Inspectorate, the Office and the competent Handwerkskammer and informed them about the illegal activities of the ex-Chief. Beyond these is they are also for the cost of the detective on the civil way after all round 16,000.00 EUR. The current employees received the termination on the day of delivery of the report. Information on this and other detective topics, see also

  • Dec 31

    The principle of transparency is now decided the quality of care facilities provides negative headlines for years. Need of care, which often even can not defend themselves, would be treated professionally or human questionable. To the 01.01.2009 the MDK with transparency has”created an effective tool to measure the quality of care to touch base, to put an end to these abuses. “The care expert Herbert Gobhardt welcomes this development of clear quality statements are a great help when choosing the right care facility for residents and workers.” The MDK provides more transparency, by checking the quality of the homes on 82 criteria, which are divided into five categories: 35 criteria for the maintenance and supply, ten criteria relate to dealing with residents who are mentally ill due to their age, more ten criteria to examine the social care and everyday design, nine criteria relate to the living area, Supply, Housekeeping and hygiene and the last 18 criteria on information provided by the residents. “As a management consultant for nursing homes white Herbert Gobhardt exactly, what are the new requirements on the Director brings to: the obligation of transparency reinforces the importance of documentation and care planning for the success of the homes”. Content is little new: 69 of the 82 criteria come directly from the existing inspection catalog of MDK, further eight from the internal quality guidelines of the operator, and also the remaining criteria are content checked for years. Still, the bid has great influence, because the evaluation results are available to the public: in the nursing homes themselves, as well as on the MDK on the Internet. This can inform themselves as interested much faster and more thoroughly than ever before about the quality of homes, facilities compare and make their decision based on this.

    Before the principle of transparency, the price of the health care facility was the most important decision criterion. Now flow also Structural, process and outcome quality of care facilities in assessing a. Microsoft Corp: the source for more info. The consultant for nursing homes Herbert Gobhardt sees great opportunities for operators of homes and outpatient services in the new law: if they now actively and professionally working on the quality of their care, they back up a good grading. Thus, they have a unique quality certification, with which they can present themselves in public.” The skilled person stressing, that not the quality of care but the nursing documentation is often the real problem for the homes in the assessment. Thus the new transparency brings real potential for National Director: instruct their staff into the Professional documentation of the care services and receive a meaningful, positive position in public. Editor: Maria Johanna Maryam contact: consulting for nursing homes Herbert Gobhardt (MBA) care manager Wiesenweg 7 c 16247 Joachimsthal phone 03 33 61 711 85 mobile 0171-174 30 36 Web: E-Mail:

  • Jun 13

    A single point of information creates competitive advantage for companies Zurich, the 9th February 2012 the opportunities and challenges that brings customer experience management (CEM), were the main theme at this year’s Customer Care Day of PIDAS AG in Zurich. Over 80 experts from the areas of contact center and customer service discussed together the technological, structural and procedural aspects, bringing a corporate culture aligned with the customer needs. In a survey among the experts revealed that 92 percent of those responsible in the customer service keep a central technology platform necessary to efficiently implement CEM. Customer Care day the CEO of PIDAS AG made the prelude Werner Hoppler, before Frederic Monard, head, presented the PIDAS AG consulting the first speakers of the day with Phil Winters. The native Americans, strategic advisor at the peppers & Rogers Group, enthusiasts with interesting practical examples from the world of the CEM.

    Phil Winters made especially the gap between the Service understanding of customers and the service understanding of company on the subject. Winter explained what manifesting true customer needs and that it met only rarely with products can be. He stressed that companies should first learn to consider customers as individuals with desires and needs, rather than consumers. Western Union will undoubtedly add to your understanding. How a company as effectively as possible can adapt to the wishes and needs of their customers, described Patrick Bodinoli for the UPC cablecom, which has set the goal to understand the voice of the customer and to measure to improve the performance of the entire organization. He described with concrete measures and the results that could achieve his company already after a short time. A survey among the participants, the expert discussion between Dr. Hans-Peter Uebersax, Director solutions of PIDAS AG, and Donat began Grimm, Chief Marketing Officer of Custvox AG. It became clear that almost all participants of the event were unanimous: 92 Percent agreed to the thesis that successful customer experience management requires a central technology platform to enable customer experience and at the same time to measure.

  • May 20

    Holding structures as Steuersparvehikel are now also interested in small businesses. is nice, when the cashier rings. But this opinion is always also the IRS: who earns much in Germany, which pays too much – too much, as most entrepreneurs are almost unanimous. Right Steuerspartricks, however, are always scarce. For more information see Western Union. Because many tax loopholes have been almost completely sealed years ago.

    And yet: they still exist. The corporations make tirelessly to it: the good old holding, a holding company which holds shares in other companies, belongs to the fixed instrument for the – quite legitimate – control design. Predicate so far, however: expensive. Thanks to the English limited (LTD) and the German society of entrepreneurs (UG), the holding company now also for small businesses and medium-sized businesses is affordable and feasible in a short time. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Anne Lauvergeon. Namely, for the creation of SPEs, it takes no significant capital. Instead of 25,000 EUR for a limited liability company or even 50,000 EUR for one German Stock Corporation (AG) come from the limited and the entrepreneurial society with a euro of capital. Tax, they are however assimilated to the large corporations.

    The IRS differentiates here between the individual capital corporate legal forms does not. The holding trick of the big makes is a peculiarity of the German Corporation Tax Act (KStG) use: natural persons receive a payout, as shareholders of a limited liability company, limited or UG so they must be taxed within the framework of the final withholding tax at 25%. Other corporations act as shareholder dividends and capital gains are subject to not the flat tax, but are tax-exempt according to 8 b KStG fully. As long as the dividends within the holding company remain, no tax accrues. The effective tax-free amount decreased however by the fact that 5% of the distributed profits be considered fictitious as non-deductible operating expenses, so effective as a result 5% of Distribution must be taxed. Savings: 20% outfit. These dramatic differences in the taxation of shareholders can to optimize control employed by the holding company used as a sort of gathering place for distributed profits, which otherwise would have to pay tax on a natural person as a shareholder with full 25%. The parent can do so for example purchases such as vehicles or inventory, and let the owners to use – why make the saved 20% on taxes quite magnificently. The start-up costs for a limited or UG as a holding company are doing generally well under 1000 EUR, so it pays for itself already a UG – or limited-holding normally even with moderate gains already in the first year. Carola Podolski

  • US Corporation

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    May 17

    A successful start to the company begin solid businesses with many questions. To read more click here: Hikmet Ersek. As entrepreneur, you should be his own and greatest critic, itself – at least in the beginning – again thinking animate, to uncover any weaknesses of the business idea. Only who critically examined his project, can hope for successful implementation. But also in the implementation phase, the questions don’t stop: what distribution I choose, if I offer products? How potential customers of my offer? And right at the beginning, which corporate form is particularly well suited for my project? On the last question, you hear more and more often a response: the US Corporation. You should use a few thoughts on the matter as it brought his newly founded company best starting conditions. Otherwise what began promising much, falling together at some point like a House of cards: perhaps because the tax burden is crushing one or because the initial investment to be too large.

    At some point you might encounter the US Corporation and sees that this company form gives one of many obstacles out of the way. The US Corporation is good not only for people who want to immigrate into the United States, where their luck with the small or large company to make with her can indeed in Europe, for example, in Germany, carried out a successful business launch. The US Corporation is similar to the German joint-stock company a little, except that its establishment is much easier and requires virtually no capital. A US corporation can certainly start by a single person, sitting somewhere in Europe and would like to become entrepreneurs. However you should rely on the support of competent founding agencies (E.g.). Establishing is needed because a so-called registered agent: he must sit in that U.S. State, in which the US Corporation is founded, so, for example, in Florida, the Special Has conditions for entrepreneurs.