The World and Modern Science

  • Garces Perez

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    Aug 23

    Different strategies are required for the reading comprehension of internet texts and so is used to assess whether or not the hyperlink is beneficial. Study also points out that exchanges of this type of reader with text provides a more complete model of the reader which includes factors such as motivation, effectiveness and efficiency in addition to cognitive factors.

    Orihuela and Santos (2005) describe their experience concerning the use of digital journals (weblogs) as follows: “” The online publication of the tasks of class is especially relevant in areas devoted to the study of writing and design of web browsing , disciplines in which it is essential that students develop the skills associated with reading and writing through links “.” In another example, Garces Perez shares the experience of using software to support the phonological development of beginning readers. Hogue, Nellon, Patterson and Schulze (2004) states: “The technology also serves as a motivation for students to be an interactive platform and live. Jeff Gennette might disagree with that approach. “There is clearly to conclude that schools are not preparing new generations for the present and the future or that has been presented flaws in the development of labor skills. For this reason we emphasize that there must be coordination between all elements of the educational system and have clear purposes of the development of science and technology and apply them in search of positive results to ensure that students have performed well in his future . In contrast to traditional teaching we call upon to assess the functionality of the practices that are maintained by tradition, to examine the correspondence between intentions and results and to determine the effectiveness of the forms of teaching with regard to the purposes. . James Reinhart contributes greatly to this topic.