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  • Oct 20

    At the current moment to wish to select a puppy are huge opportunities. First and foremost, of course, a variety of breeds, which allows you to choose the best solution for everyone, with a variety of aesthetic preferences. By the way, if you prefer having long hair or bald, huge or tiny dog – you'll be able to make the right choice anyway. You may find that Hikmet Ersek can contribute to your knowledge. And yet, even after directly to how you got to breed a dog gets a nuance, where the right thing to buy doggie. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rachel Crane. Since it is clear that there is an opportunity and the nearest bird market to go and run around the advertising ads, and contact the nursery. Yet selection of the source heavily will depend on factors for which you get a puppy. If your dog shows – means best to look for a sobakovodchesky club and nursery.

    In a situation when the same home, the Huskies cost – most relevant solution. In any case, the acquisition of dogs through the kennel is best because this way you protect yourself from the patients puppies, and in addition to buying a puppy with all age befitting preventive vaccination, and sometimes – and training. However, this will not mean that the dog will not need to train. We'll have more that – with the direct entry of the day. Because one thing – it's early life in kennels, and quite another – the development of housing for families and orders. Therefore, if you decide to take the house shaggy pet, remember to regularly care for them, especially in the very first for a number of weeks. You can not just pick from a wide range Cocker Spaniel without a pedigree, it is necessary to approach the child as a this baby, you want to interpret all the details of behaviors in specific provisions.

    And, like any kid, often have to interpret twice or thrice. And make a choice in the direction of this kind option as pugs for sale, you need to mentally prepare for this, which will require considerable work. For example, if you bought a puppy in a dog kennel, be sure you want to see to what exactly he Situations acclimated. Because in different nurseries varied requirements: somewhere puppies all day long at large in a large paddock, and the fresh air, and somewhere else – in a relatively medium-sized cells in a completely closed building. In any case, it is important to initially provide a more natural way of life for the baby so that he soon got used to the other indicators and did not feel nervous tension. Besides, no matter what breed you have not picked up, Stay prepared for the fact that not all dogs are, without exception, positive approach to direct contact with people. It depends on the personal details of disposition of a dog, and the level of contacts in the nursery. Establishing contact with the puppy will be implemented gradually. And gradually, you will know each other better.

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    Aug 11

    What to feed of French bulldog – to decide in the first place to its owners. Yet we can recommend. After all, who, if not a breeder, knows how to grow healthy, strong, beautiful dog. So, we recommend to feed a growing puppy ready to feed. After all, the fact is that for proper development of the body requires a lot of different substances, but their presence in the diet are also important in the proportions in which they are presented. And owners can not always be balanced menu of their animals, what would they have everything you need in the right amounts. But manufacturers of high-quality forage know the needs of our pets.

    All food (and dry and wet) are divided into classes: economy (Economy), for continuous feeding (Regular), premium (Premium) and super premium (Super Premium). This division is based on both the raw material from which the cooked food, and on the number of major categories of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), as well as vitamins, minerals and trace elements entering into its composition. You should not feed the animals feed the first two classes, because they do not have anything useful, even tell anymore, they-are harmful. This is explained by the fact that their manufacturing only used the cheapest components and, consequently, the quality of these forages is very low. Feed a premium are more suitable for feeding adult dogs, but for a puppy-optimal variant of super-premium food. By about canned (moist) of feed necessary to say that they use a variety of flavors and fragrances, they are your dog to anything.

    Thus, better opt for quality dry food, which can be given in its natural form, and soaked in the (normal boiled water). In addition, your Frenchman will receive all the material necessary for its proper development, you will not have problems with long-term travel, it’s very uncomfortable, carry a pot of porridge. And to feed the dog in the road pies-harmful and undignified. And not always we have time, that would translate to a dry pet food, but it will take about a week. After a change of diet- great stress to the body (can isporit digestion). But if all you intend to feed the bulldog frantsuskogo natural food, then you know that dog meat to 35% of the total food, cereals, 45% vegetables, 20%. Meat is better to give beef, and lean. It may be given raw, just before feeding can douse it with boiling water. 1-2 times a week can replace meat with fish (without bones), sea can be given in raw form, and the river-just boiled, and the possibility of infection helminths. Of cereals is better to choose wheat and oats (‘Hercules’) at a ratio of 3 / 1. Vegetables provide better raw, but protetymi on a fine grater. Tomatoes are useful even to those that protect teeth from the formation of tartar. In addition useful in milk products, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese. And do not forget about vitamins and mineral supplements, the dosage which can be found on the packaging. ABSOLUTELY NOT: pork bones (all-meat, fish, poultry), pork fat, Confectionery, fried, smoked, salted and sugar. Remember that the animal must have constant access to fresh drinking water!

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