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    Jun 17

    in free software available in the Web, its influence in the development of services and the necessity of interconnection and exchange of information. The techniques are analyzed to improve the interoperability and the recovery. They describe to the initiatives of metadatos applied to the managers of contents (Dublin Core, RDF (Resource Description Framework) and Format MARC) and his importance for the formation of institutions cooperators for the integration of contents and the creation of a semantic Web. In addition, the languages of noticeable are described like means to structure the information and to favor interoperability XML. One concludes with the present existence of brings back to consciousness generalized on the adoption of standards for the management of information Web and the development of services characteristic of the electronic administration. Nowadays all a range of oriented applications of free software to the management of contents, as well as to the handling of digital information in Web exists. These tools more and more have been taking terrain in means librarian, since they allow of a flexible and economic way to handle to referential information and digital plaintext contents. Next cuatros of these tools appear, by their kindness and characteristics have become the favourites by this sector. Greenstone, appears as the best option by its versatility in the design oriented to the user, fulfills the exigency to form a network cooperator between institutions interested in sharing its information. KOHA, is one of the first system to automate libraries with software of free, distribution that allows to modify the source code freely, is an individual program for information units, basically includes at least three functions: circulation, consults and acquisitions, its code has been in continuous movement, Openbiblio, is easy to use in line offers an intuitive interface and of usabilidad in the administration of the catalogue, to just as the others they are offered in license GNU and DSpace is a system that allows to give public access to one digital collection that requires a previous planning for its installation and is oriented to work in collaboration with its same pairs.

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